2016 Middle School Closing Ceremonies

The annual Middle School Closing Ceremonies is a highlight of the school year – albeit held on the very last day of the year – as it provides our Grade 6-8 students a chance to share their unique perspectives on the year that was.

For the Grade 6 students, this past school year posed new challenges, as they all began a new chapter in their lives at the Middle School; for the Grade 7 students, they continued developing their skills as young leaders and individuals; and the Grade 8 students became the oldest ones at the Middle School, taking on the important senior leadership role.

Two students from each grade spoke at the Middle School Closing Ceremonies and reflected on the school year on behalf of their grade. Below we proudly share excerpts from each of their speeches.

Grade 6

by Alex B. and Alden W.

SMUS-160622-MS-Closing-6sChange is challenging for everyone. Some people are terrified of it and some people get a little too excited about it. I was really excited for Grade 6, but also kind of nervous for it, too. Change comes in all shapes and sizes. It can be the first night sleeping at Camp Thunderbird or the last time seeing your friends. With the help of the friendly Where Everyone Belongs (WEB) leaders and the encouraging teachers at the Middle School it is easy to embrace the change. The Middle School also offers a lot of interesting clubs and teams to join. This is one of the many reasons why the Middle School is so special. From student council and the competitive squash team, to volleyball and Science Challengers, there’s so much to do. I believe that the goal of Middle School is to find out who you are and embrace it! And with the help of kind students, staff and teachers, we can all truly be ourselves, whoever we are! Take risks, take chances, enjoy the uncontrollable change, but never forget who you are.


Grade 7

by Lauren R. and William G.

Grade 7 was truly an amazing year, and we did a lot of fun things from skiing and snowboarding, to creating an ancient civilization! Although it may seem as if Grades 6, 7 and 8 are pretty much the same, there is an immense difference between each grade. Being in the middle grade, we have to look up to the Grade 8s for guidance, but also be the new leaders for the coming and present Grade 6s.

SMUS-160622-MS-Closing-7sThis Grade 7 year was an important transition into Grade 8 and the many projects and experiences we had this year really made us use some important life skills, such as communication and leadership. Not only that, they gave us a chance to step out of our comfort zones and do something outside of the box. All of these skills represent our pillars: Service, Honesty, Respect and mostly Courage!

Middle School is a time to explore and try new things. Even when we hit a few roadblocks, what we’ve learned in Grade 7 is to – in the words of Dory from Finding Nemo – “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!” So remember fellow Grade 7s, just keep swimming, respect the pillars and we’ll have a great Grade 8 year.


Grade 8

by Matias T. and Nadine R.

Lots of things have changed since since we first came to SMUS, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is our grade’s potential. We have legendary mathematicians, fast-handed piano players, super-speedy runners, horseback riders, athletic stars, disco dancers and even giant-lunged singers. We have had perfect scores on math competitions – thank you Larry – countless first place and participation medals, amazing music performances, dazzling school dances, interesting conferences, sport teams, and clubs. You name it, we have it.

SMUS-160622-MS-Closing-8sWe have almost 10 sports teams, including squash, rugby, badminton, basketball, volleyball, field hockey, cross country, track and field, soccer, swimming and even a bit of golf. We also have many clubs, such as Student Council, Math and Science Challengers, Greece Trip club, Model UN, Eco-Warriors (which isn’t a club, it’s a “lifestyle”), WEB Leaders and Free the Children. We have made it very inclusive and we even have a girls rugby team for the first time. They hit so hard that they practice with the Senior girls team!

We would not have made it here without our great teachers. The Middle School has fantastic teachers. I’ve met some of the funniest, kindest and most knowledgeable teachers here. I loved getting Starburst after an exam and having science teachers give me fun homework that will weird out my parents. I love how amazing each teacher is at their subject and I love how each one is looking out for your best interests. To all of those teachers I’d like to say thank you. And thank you to all the kids, too, who made it a great three years at the Middle School.

Check out all of the photos from the Middle School Closing Ceremonies on the SMUS Photo Gallery.

(photos by Kyle Slavin)


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