2016 Junior School Closing Ceremonies

For the youngest at our school, summer vacation started Thursday after each of the Kindergarten to Grade 5 students proudly crossed the stage, waved to their families and “graduated” to the next grade.

While Closing Ceremonies are a time for celebration and looking ahead at what the next chapter brings, we also treat the event as an opportunity for students to look back on their year and reflect on what made it so fun and memorable and different.

At the Junior School Closing Ceremonies, Grade 5 students Sammy and Neil (who move on to the Middle School come September) co-wrote a prayer with Rev. Keven Fletcher that highlighted what they are thankful for at the Junior School.

Junior School Closing Prayer


by Sammy, Neil and Rev. Keven Fletcher

There are many things for which we’re thankful at the Junior School.
We are going to share our gratitude in the form of a prayer that we wrote together. I invite you to join with us. Let us pray.

Dear God, there are so many things for which we are thankful.
Today we want to remember a few of them.

SMUS-160616-JS-Closing-3sWe are thankful for our teachers.
They captivate us by teaching in interesting ways and giving us lots of choice, so that we never want to fall asleep in class.
They take the time to help us, even after school, and they let us show our learning in different ways, which is amazing.
We’re also thankful for Mrs. Richards and the other teacher-leaders who help our school run.

We are thankful for those who look after our school.
Mr Ewing makes sure that the Junior School is a nice environment.
Especially because we don’t have a cafeteria, it’s important that everything gets well cleaned.
From the people who mow the lawns to those who clean the windows – it all makes a difference.

We are thankful for all the resources.
We are so fortunate to have the library.
It’s a nice, relaxing place to be on a busy day, especially when stories are read or when we talk about books.
Then there’s all the tech – the Chromebooks, the iPads – so many devices that help us in our learning.
We also have great gym equipment – so many ways to enjoy PE.

We are thankful for our classmates.
We started to list all the reasons why we appreciate other students, words like helpful, patient and friendly, but the list was too long so we’re going to simply be grateful for whenever our peers show their virtues.
Whether we’re playing camouflage or manhunt or soccer or just talking at recess, it’s great to share the campus with everyone.

SMUS-160616-JS-Closing-1We are thankful for all the special opportunities that come our way.
We realize that not everyone in the world goes to a school like ours and we wish more kids could.
We’re grateful for the amazing things we get to do: from meeting authors through Red Cedar and at bookfest to trying out a paddleboard at the rowing centre.
We’re grateful for the trips we make to the James Bay Seniors Centre.
We like the games and the cookies, but mostly we like the people we meet there.
Some of us visit with the same seniors year after year.

So, God, for the teachers, the students, the support staff, the facilities, and all the opportunities that we enjoy. You have our thanks.
And for our part, we’ll strive to live out our virtues in our hallways and classrooms; on our fields and courts; and with everyone we meet both inside our school community and beyond.

View all of the photos from the Junior School Closing Ceremonies on the SMUS Photo Gallery.

(photos by Kyle Slavin)


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