Bits and Pieces


My industrious and dedicated assistant, Jennifer White, was musing on my schedule at this special time of the year. Bemused, she repeats to me an exchange she had with someone who came into my office recently, who said, “You must love this time of year, when things slow down.” She tells me, but didn’t tell our colleague, “It is never busier than now.” Having come up through the ranks myself, so to speak, I know that it is busy for everyone – students, K-12; parents, staff, and anyone else who gets caught up in the SMUS slipstream.

It is also a time of year when people will ask me, “So how has the year been?” Not wanting to jinx myself, my standard answer for years has been, “Great – so far.” I never commit myself until all exams, ceremonies and farewells are done.

So here are some bits and pieces, to remind us – while we are all consumed in our own full-time SMUS life – a few other things that are going on at the School.

  • Our rowing crews are at the Canadian Secondary School Rowing Association national championships this weekend.
  • Senior Badminton is at the provincial championships.
  • Last night we witnessed the impressive and incredibly entertaining Junior School Opera, Die Fledermaus, arranged, conducted and produced by Duncan Frater, our guiding genius of choral music in the Middle and Junior Schools.
  • Yesterday we had Ice Cream Day to commemorate a tradition established at St. Michael’s School, decades ago, of the school distributing ice cream to eager students.
  • Last Friday was Keep the Beat, where the entire Senior School is transformed into a student music festival.
  • Senior Boys Rugby won the Provincial championship in terrible weather last Saturday.
  • Senior Girls Soccer is playing in the Provincial championships as I write, and doing very well.
  • I just responded to my invitation to attend the Grade 8 Graduation Dinner Dance in a week’s time.
  • My Grade 4 reports have arrived, so I can write my summary comments. I write comments on one grade in each school each term, so that by the end of the year I have written a brief summary comment on every student from Grade 3–12 in the School.
  • And since I have been blogging about it – on Monday the Personalization Team met with me and the School Directors to start finalizing plans for next year’s steps down the personalization path.
  • …and many more events, too numerous to mention.

It is the way a School should be: bursting at the seams.


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