Beyond the Bubble: Making a Successful Transition to University Life


University decisions are being finalized as I write; students are making plans about residence life and starting course selections for their first year at university. But there are so many unknowns about what lies ‘beyond the bubble’ of life here at SMUS. It’s bittersweet, as one of my advisees just admitted; there’s the sentimental looking back at how much they’ve learned and grown throughout high school, mixed with the excitement of venturing out to achieve their personal, academic and life goals. It’s important to recognize the challenges that lay ahead for students leaving to attend post-secondary, as well as for their parents back at home, helping their child cross the bridge to independence.

To this end, our University Counselling department is hosting Beyond the Bubble on May 24 from 6:30–8 p.m. in the Chapel. This event, now in its fifth year, will provide opportunities to hear from SMUS alumni, parents, counsellors and post-secondary resource specialists to help students and their families navigate a successful transition to life at university.

There is a significant shift from going to school at a small, supportive independent school to the world students will inhabit in university. The size of institution and larger classes is one thing students will have to adjust to, in addition to being away from home, perhaps in a big (and maybe even very cold!) city! From learning about self-care, life/school balance, and the challenge of being faced with lots of freedom and independence, to managing finances and dealing with failure, Beyond the Bubble can help families develop the proper lines of communication on all these topics. We can point to the myriad resources on university campuses to support students as they forge those important academic and social connections, key to the most successful efforts to launch into post-secondary life.

Join us for Beyond the Bubble later this month. We look forward to sharing our resources with you there. This event is appropriate for parents of graduating seniors and while we will be doing a similar event with them in the afternoon on the same day, students are more than welcome to join their parents for the evening session as well.

We look forward to seeing you for Beyond the Bubble. Please click here to register for the event.


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