Summer School Options: Victoria and Vancouver

If you are looking to complete one of your Grade 10-12 courses this summer at summer school in Victoria or Vancouver, you have options. All the options outlined in the PDF below are courses taught in a classroom with a teacher in the month of July. The courses are all four credit, Ministry of Education courses and will appear on your SMUS transcript when you finish the course (provided you ask the summer school office to send it to SMUS).

Here is a document that outlines the options for you: Summer School 2016

If it is a course that has a provincial exam, you can write that exam in August or you can choose to write it during another exam session (November, January, April or June).

If you do choose to do something in summer school or by distance learning this summer (check out LearnNowBC for those options), please set up a meeting with your Academic Advisor to discuss and plan your courses for the next academic year.


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