Decision time


It’s decision time. Students know the results of many, but not all, of their university applications and they may experience a whole range of emotions: elation, disappointment, excitement, confusion, trepidation, anticipation. Conversations in our offices with students have now shifted to the reality of mulling over the acceptances, comparing the options, finding their best fit and ultimately making that decision. These are interesting conversations to have and it is exciting to be at this stage of the process as they choose their paths.

Where have our students been admitted? There are dozens and dozens of schools in North America that have accepted our Class of 2016 students. The map below shows you the location of universities (including some Ivy League schools) that admitted SMUS students this year.

admission map april 2016

Outside of North America, students were also admitted to:

  • University of Bath (England)
  • University of Birmingham (England)
  • SOAS (England)
  • University of St. Andrew’s (Scotland)
  • Durham University (England)
  • Royal Holloway University (England)
  • University of Glasgow (Scotland)
  • Lancaster University (England)
  • Royal College of Surgeons (Ireland)
  • University of Adelaide (Australia)
  • Monash University (Australia)

Want a few numbers?

  • McGill: 23 students applied and 19 were admitted
  • UBC: 29 applied, 21 admitted
  • Queen’s: 64 applied, 31 admitted
  • McMaster: 35 applied, 10 admitted
  • University of Toronto: 73 applied, 33 admitted
  • Western University: 61 applied, 39 admitted

As for the Ivy League Colleges, SMUS students have had offers from Columbia (6%*), Brown (9%*), Cornell (14%*) and Harvard (5.2%*). Stanford (4.7%*) has also accepted SMUS students.
* This is the percentage of applicants who were admitted

We expect the number of admissions at Canadian and overseas institutions to grow as the academic year draws to a close and more admissions decisions are revealed. All US decisions were sent out to students by April 1, but we in University Counselling may not have heard the decisions yet from the students. (Please encourage your son/daughter to update Naviance!)

In the SMUS University Counselling world, our ultimate measure of success is knowing that all our students have been exposed to a range of options, thoughtfully determined the possibilities that are right for them, and are now feeling excited about and prepared for the next stop on their academic journey.


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