Middle School Artists on Display

Middle School students have spent the last few months putting their creative and artistic talents to work on a variety of projects. Now on display throughout the halls of the school, you can find a beautiful array of artwork that is a pleasure to see while walking between classes.

The Grade 6 students most recently worked on creating paintings inspired by First Nations artist Roy Henry Vickers. They also made copper artwork, inspired by studying Egypt in their Social Studies classes.

In Grade 7, students got to really show off their creativity by painting crazy zoo animals and freaky faces.

And the Grade 8 artists used famous paintings as their inspiration while attempting to modernize (or mimic) recognizable artwork. They were also able to create zombie gargoyles using clay – sculpting, painting and glazing them.

During the Exploratory block, Grade 6-8 students had the chance to take a watercolour class, where they explored colour washes, colour blending, highlighting, details and more.

You can see tons of incredible artwork year-round by visiting our Middle School!


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