Ryan Totz ’16 Wins Morehead-Cain Scholarship to UNC-Chapel Hill


SMUS-Ryan-TotzOne of the best parts about the work I do is the privilege I have to get to know so many incredible young people. One such student is Ryan Totz, one of my Grade 12 advisees. He was richly rewarded for his efforts when he found out this week that he was one of the Canadian winners of the Morehead-Cain Scholarship, a four-year comprehensive award that includes everything he needs to have an amazing experience as a student and leader at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, including mentorship, summer discovery experiences, outdoors trips and service involvement.

The three students from Canada were chosen for this merit-based award after a rigorous application and selection process. To earn this award, students have to stand out in the four criteria: scholarship, leadership, character, and physical vigor. Not only does Ryan truly shine in each area, but he is a remarkably well-rounded young person with a huge heart.

Ryan has sought to make the most of each experience and challenge that SMUS has offered to him, and he has independently sought out more. I am thrilled that the Morehead-Cain committee has recognized the embodiment of excellence and the potential that we have seen in Ryan, and the genuine passion and compassion he displays. Vivat!

Morehead-Cain Announces the Class of 2020


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