Victoria – A Hub for Off-Campus Learning Opportunities


One of the many advantages of SMUS’s location is our ability to participate in opportunities that exist in a thriving city like Victoria. Looking outside of the walls of the school, there are workshops, symposia, conferences and lectures which provide opportunities for our students to learn through hands-on experiences, network with people working in a variety of fields, and get a sense of what is happening in different academic areas and professional industries. While hands-on, inquiry-based learning is prevalent in the classroom, adding these “off-campus” experiences enhances learning, creates meaning and may deepen interests.

Film and TV industry

At the beautiful Royal Roads University, our budding actors or actresses may want to tap into a day-long workshop providing an orientation to the film industry offered by Victoria film commissioner Kathleen Gilbert or learn to become an extra. Victoria’s film and TV industry is currently booming which provides a great opportunity for our students to have a unique and real-world experience.

Ocean Science Symposium

Hey, marine scientists! We are forming a team of students in Grades 8, 9 or 10 with a keen interest in marine science and technology to attend an event at the University of Victoria on April 29 and 30. We will be working with Ocean Networks Canada’s Learning Team to learn about the diverse field of ocean science and get excited about possible future studies and career opportunities. Our application is due by March 10, so please speak to your science teachers or Mrs. Anderson if you are interested by March 7.


For our students who are curious to learn more about what a career in technology may look like and what sorts of opportunities exist in Victoria, there is a showcase of all things tech today (February 19) at the Crystal Gardens. The DiscoverTectoria event features start-up companies pitching their newest idea, UVic students will be sharing innovative projects, and local tech and service companies are ready to share more about what skills students need to work with them one day. The event wouldn’t be complete without a video game lounge to check out some local gaming companies and try out their products.

This sampling of local experiential learning opportunities promotes the pursuit of passions, interests, and innovation which give students real-world applications to what they are studying in their classes.


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