Valentines and Virtues at the Junior School


Valentine’s Day at the Junior School is a wonderful day to highlight friendship and how much we care about one another. So it makes sense that the Virtue of the Month at the Junior School is the virtue of caring.

On Friday, students celebrated Valentine’s Day by wearing red, pink and purple to school, showing they care by making a donation to the Heart & Stroke Foundation, and participating in a great student-led assembly that highlighted this month’s virtue.

The assembly featured great welcome music from Grade 5 guitarist Ty. Students from Grades 3 and 4 shared their reflections on what caring means to them and how they demonstrate caring in their lives.

“We know boys and girls in our school show caring all the time, so we thought it would be good for our students to talk about caring,” Ms. Kathleen Cook, assistant director of the Junior School, told students.

“Caring is giving love and attention to people and things that matter to you. When you care about people you help them,” Grade 4 student Jenna shared during the assembly. “You treat people and things gently and respectfully. Caring makes the world a safer place. You are practicing caring when you show care for others, yourself and the earth.”

The school also watched the following short, inspirational video that highlights the virtues of sharing, caring and joy.

Last week, Junior School counsellor Ms. Tessa Lloyd wrote about the virtue of caring on the News site, and this week we are proud to highlight some of our Grade 3 student reflections.

Grade 3 Reflections on the virtue of caring

“I show caring when I respect teachers and others.”
“I show caring when I help someone get up when they fall down.”
“I show caring when my sister needs an ice pack when she comes home from soccer.”
“I show caring when when I help a friend get through a difficult day.”
“I show caring when I help my siblings with chores. I also show caring by doing my chores.”
“I show caring when I look after my brother when my mum or dad aren’t feeling well.”
“I show caring when I share my arcade money with the homeless.”
“I show caring when I listen to my friends and teachers.”
“I show caring when I help my friends up when they trip, and I am by their side.”
“I show caring when I feed my dog, like when I was on the couch and I looked at my dog and then gave him a treat.”
“I show caring when I appreciate my friends, parents and teachers.”
“I show caring when I make everyone feel welcome by smiling to them in the halls.”
“I show caring when I stand up for people being bullied.”
“I show caring when I help my mom measure ingredients and bake cookies.”
“I show caring when I include everyone in my games.”
“I show caring when I cheer my brother up when he’s sad.”
“I show caring when I help my friends by teaching them something.”
“I show caring when I hug my kitten when she is lonely.”

(photos by Kyle Slavin)


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