Time to Think About Your Summer!


There may be a chill in the air, but the crocuses are blooming and days are staying lighter longer, all key signs prompting us to think about summer. How will you spend your summer days and weeks? Maybe there will be some lovely, lazy days of sun and recreation, but there may be a week or two (or three) of digging into some of your interests, or getting a jump start on some courses for your next academic year. There are LOTS of options out there for you, many including travel to interesting destinations.

If you are thinking about taking an academic course for credit, make sure to chat with your Academic Advisor to confirm you are on the right track for course pre-requisites and credits.

If you follow any of the links below you’ll find programs in Victoria and on the lower mainland offering BC Ministry of Ed courses for credit, including programs for international students looking to improve their English. Most courses are offered in July (some schools have not posted registration details for summer 2016 yet).

There is a wide variety of excellent summer programs on university and college campuses across Canada, the US and abroad, offering non-credit courses in all manner of subjects. From art and design to engineering, from global leadership to entrepreneurship, from music and creative writing to linguistics and psychology, the list is truly endless. The Summer Programs 2016 PDF lists just a sample of courses and programs. Some have deadlines very soon, so check it out!


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