Young Swimming Club Athletes Dive In To Swim Jamboree


On Monday, the Grade 4 and 5 members of the Junior School swimming club participated in the ISEA Swim Jamboree at Saanich Commonwealth Place. The event drew young athletes from schools on Vancouver Island and from the Lower Mainland.

The event was a great mix of fun and competition, with positive attitudes and enjoyment being the main focus for the day. Athletes of all skill levels were able to participate and test their mettle alongside their fellow young swimmers.

The Junior School swimming club is made up of Grade 3-5 students who enjoy being in the water, learning different strokes and improving their form. The club members train once a week together, and they are gearing up for their next competition on Feb. 15.

The SMUS Review chatted with a couple of the Grade 5 swimmers about their experience at this week’s Swim Jamboree.

Lauren said the event was lots of fun. “I particularly enjoyed having the opportunity to try lots of different strokes.” She said she wants to improve her diving technique in the coming weeks in the Swimming Club.

Ty liked applying what he learned in practices to the competition and added that he was really pleased with his performances. “I liked the blend of relays and individual races. My goals are to now improve my speed in the front crawl and work on my technique in the back stroke.”

Check out more photos from the ISEA Swim Jamboree at the SMUS Photo Gallery.

(photos by Kyle Slavin)


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