A panoply of choice!


As we look back on all that we accomplished in 2015, it is hard to believe that it is also the time to begin looking forward and planning ahead. For our students, this means considering which courses to select next year in order to move further along their pathway toward personal and academic goals.

On Tuesday, January 19th, our annual Course Planning Information evening generated a great deal of interest in the plethora of options open to SMUS students. We were pleased to welcome more than 100 parents and students from Grade 8-11, all of whom took the opportunity to ask detailed questions of course instructors, investigate the AP Capstone program, and discover new courses on offer in 2016-17 such as AP Computer Science: Principles and Beginner French 10.

Students are strongly encouraged to read the SMUS Course Selection Guide for detailed course descriptions and are required to make an appointment to meet with their Academic Advisor to review and finalize their selections. With such a wide range of choices, we know the decisions will be difficult ones!

Please review the PDF for additional information from the evening.



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