Talking Virtues and Excellence in Junior School Chapel


Our Junior School isn’t shy about promoting character.

Inspired by the work of The Virtues Project, we take a closer look at a particular value each month. Whether it’s a discussion about life on the playground or a journal entry, students and staff approach the month’s focus from different angles, heightening both our awareness of how we’re being with each other and opening the doors to dialogue when we differ. Even parents get involved, creating fabulous bulletin boards that capture some of the students’ thinking in eye-catching arrays.

In support of this work, most of the Chapel messages are tied to the chosen virtues. This makes a lot of sense, right until the point when someone chooses a word like excellence.

Think about it. Excellence is a value with which adults struggle. Finding a way to tackle the subject with the K-5 crowd presents a challenge. Yet even at this age, perfectionism rears its head and threatens to diminish both our students’ ability to achieve and their sense of well-being. Meanwhile, excellence itself is one of life’s most rewarding and joy-filled pursuits, simultaneously offering constant lessons in patience and perseverance.

So, despite the challenges, ways are found. After all, we’re a school that cares deeply about such ideals.

For a taste of our approach, you can join other parents who regularly attend our Chapel gatherings at the Junior School on Monday mornings. As well, you can find a reflection based on the message I offered on excellence on my personal blog. There, you’ll also find the story I wrote for our Junior School that further explores the idea of excellence. Enjoy!


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