The waiting game


Many of our grade 12 students are now in a new place: the waiting room. Last fall, there was a flurry of tasks to do online to complete university applications and most everyone has applied to all the universities that were on their list. Some are adding new ones now (those students should be in touch with their Academic Advisor!) but most are metaphorically hanging around, waiting for an answer. What might they do while they wait?

For one thing, students should check and read their email regularly. Universities and colleges send 99% of their communication via email and will ask for important documents to be sent and tasks to be done via email. Actually reading every word of the emails received is our best piece of advice. Things to be on the lookout for include applications for housing, requests to self-report marks, information about missing documentation (e.g. standardized testing, copies of passports, transcripts), and even admission decisions.

Students must also continue to work hard on their academic courses. The February marks are submitted to universities/colleges in North America and, in some cases, are the deciding factor in an admission decision. Stay the course!

Finally, students might also use this time to delve a little deeper into the universities where they have applied so that the decision about which offer to accept is easier. Take advantage of virtual tours, or go in person, if you can. Get in touch with someone who goes there and find out what it’s like. Read the student blogs. Imagine yourself there and see how it fits.

If you do receive an offer of admission, the University Counselling Centre is a great place to come! We are keen to celebrate your success with you. By the same token, we also know how to commiserate and can help get you back on track if the offer doesn’t go your way. We will be (even more) enthusiastic when an admission offer comes!


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