Arctic Ecology Lab at UVic – Lichen Sample Sorting

The Arctic Landscape Ecology Lab at the University of Victoria ( needs volunteers.

One of the projects currently underway at the lab involves lichen biomass monitoring in the Western Arctic.

To expand lichen biomass monitoring across the Western Arctic.
Background: Recent research has shown links between:
1)      Increased tall shrub cover and extent
2)      Climate change
3)      Increases in size and number of disturbances across the landscape. Eg: roads, seismic lines, etc.

Increased tall shrub cover may affect lichen biomass since lichen typically does not flourish under tall shrub canopies. Changes to lichen biomass are important because lichen is a major food source for caribou.

Volunteer Work Description: Help is needed to sort through lichen and remove non-lichen biomass from the samples.

Location: Arctic Landscape Ecology Lab at the University of Victoria (David Turpin Building, B-Wing).

Dates: January – March 2015. Times can be arranged with Emily.

If you are interested please contact Emily Cameron at


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