THE JAG: The Pride Alliance

by Jacki Zhang and Jiawen Chan

What does pride mean to you? To Pride Alliance members Sid and Molly, pride is more than a lunchtime activity.

“It means to be unashamed about who I am … It means family, and happiness” said Sid, over a text conversation late Saturday night. Molly later added that it’s not about “‘not hiding who we are’, because for some people…in the world being open about their gender and/or sexuality can be dangerous.”

While Pride Alliance is predominantly a LGBTQ+ community, the club welcomes everyone. Pride acknowledges that there are “some absolutely fantastic responses from … administration and students”, and many people are “incredibly open-minded” when it comes to addressing and understanding LGBTQ+ issues, however, as a school we still have far to go. Some members of our community still use some homophobic/transphobic slurs, and (intentionally or not), tend to present being a part of the LGBTQ+ ‘family’ as negative. Education is a key part of the Pride club.

“Even just everyone making a conscious effort to understand the impact behind their words would be amazing.” Sid said. Sometimes, it can be hard for cisgender, straight people to see the importance of pride, when being marginalized doesn’t affect them personally.

“It’s not just the right to get married,” began Molly, when asked about the importance of pride. The inaccessibility of marriage is not the biggest struggle LGBTQ+ people face, despite it having the most media coverage. Pride is about “being treated fairly and equally. Some people still struggle with not being hired for jobs, respected, or even finding a washroom to use.”

Overall, the Pride Alliance is a great circle of human beings who run chill meetings. “It’s a nice place with a nice group of people, where we can talk about LGBTQA issues and other personal things without ever feeling like we’re being judged,” concluded Molly. Now if only that chapel candle would cooperate!

This story appeared in the December issue of The Jag student newspaper. Click here to read the full edition.


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