Primary Students Spread Christmas Cheer at Concert


In what is probably the most adorable show of the Christmas season, our Junior School played host this week to two performances of the Primary Christmas Concert, featuring the talents of our Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2 students.

It was clear that much work and attention had been put in by the students and the entire primary staff, most notably Ms. Sharon Goodman who was music director for the show, to ensure the singing, the sign language and the dancing were all perfect.

And what a fantastic show it was! The mini musical based on Clement Clark Moore’s “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” featured performances from each of the classes, plus the full primary grades choir.

The show began with the Grade 2 carollers singing “Christmas is Coming”, followed by our Kindergarten students singing “Time to Go to Bed” and “The Sugar Plums.” The Grade 2 classes performed together, in a back-and-forth rendition of “St. Nick at Night.” The Grade 1 students then performed “Reindeer on the Roof”, followed by “When I Look at Santa”, accompanied by great student drawings of Santa Claus. All of the primary students then congregated on stage for the final numbers: “To All a Good Night”, “Vive le Vent” (directed by Ms. Emily Deslauriers) and a sign language version of “Silent Night.”

Congratulations to all of the young singers for warming the hearts of everyone who was lucky enough to enjoy their performance!

And a special thank you to Ms. Jane Edler-Davis for her accompaniment on piano, and Mr. Gordon Chan and Mr. Brandon Hawes for their help with stage lighting.


Grade 2 Student Reflections

I enjoyed when the lights were in my face and when the Kindergartens, Grade 1s and 2s all sang together. I had fun when the Grade 2s sang two different songs at the same time. It was tricky because we had a smaller class so the audience could not hear our class as well. Our song was called “St. Nick at Night.” – Molly

I enjoyed playing the bells. It was epic! Sugar plums were dancing in my head. The tricky part of the concert was when two classes sang at the same time! – Parker

I enjoyed when both Grade 2 classes sang both first verses together. Also, I liked when the Kindergarten class sang “The Sugar Plums.” I especially liked after the evening concert we got to have cookies and juice. There was a few tricky parts, like standing on my feet for such a long time! – Matty

I enjoyed feeling confident. I also enjoyed feeling proud in the end. And I learned that any noise can be music. I really enjoyed the Kindergarten students’ song called “The Sugar Plums.” – Georgia

I enjoyed seeing my parents at the end of the show. It was scary going on stage with only 8 people (I was a caroller!) It was fun doing actions in the songs, like “St. Nick at Night” and in the grand finale with all the grades. – Luke

I enjoyed when my parents came to my classroom at the end; I got to eat cookies and show my parents around our classroom. I loved when we got to see Santa and the elf after the concert. We took a photo and then got two candy canes. – Hasmitha

I enjoyed the song the Kindergartens sang. I thought our song was the best. I loved the grand finale! – Emily

It was hard when I had to sing in front of all those people. I enjoyed playing with Emily and at the end playing with Ellie and having to sing with the other Grade 2 class. I also had fun having cookies at the end. – Braelyn

I loved the cookies and singing “St. Nick at Night” and doing the hand moves. – Jada

I hardest part was standing still, but the best part was singing loud for all to hear and hearing the Kindergartens singing. I was a caroler but I also loved the grand finales, “Silent Night” and “Vive le Vent” in French. – Gillian

It was hard to sing and focus on the bells, but I had fun. The sign language in “Silent Night” and “Vive le Vent” were my favourites. – Samantha

I enjoyed coming back into the classroom and doing activities with Georgia. The hard part for me was saying my MC part in front of all the moms and dads. I really liked singing with my friends. I liked seeing the Kindergarten and Grade 1s sing too. – Ellie

I enjoyed singing a lot because my parents were there and there were a lot of people. – Ethan

I enjoyed seeing my parents at the end of the music concert. It was fun. I really liked when the Kindergarten class did their song. It was a little scary being the MC because I was speaking into a microphone. – Mya

It was fun singing. My favourite song was “St. Nick at Night.” The greatest part was having the cookies and juice at the end. – Matthew

I enjoyed singing a lot. My favourite song was “The Sugar Plums.” My second favourite song was “Time to Go to Bed.” – Quinn

(photos by Kyle Slavin)


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