SMUS at the Olympics


I have talked a bit about my travel this term; gary-barber-lausanne-1024x765now for someone else’s. To the right is a picture taken yesterday in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Unless you are on a mobile phone, you can read that the picture shows that Gary Barber, teacher and administrator from SMUS, is delivering a keynote address at the symposium on the Olympic Values Education Programme, organized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Gary has authored two books, and has always been active in the development of values in sport and athletics. He was invited by the IOC to speak on the topic of “Olympic Values in Education”.

If you walk along the hall in the Junior School on the way to the gym, you will find some small posters about the Olympics, and the values associated with them. One can be excused for thinking that perhaps many PE teachers do this kind of thing (and perhaps they do), and that Gary may not be that different from other PE teachers therefore. In fact, the invitation from the Olympic Committee, in its invitation to Gary, commented that “Your creativity, Olympic knowledge and pedagogical approach has been key in the quality and integrated content of the new learning resource”.

The other keynote presenters at this conference are from the United Kingdom and Finland. Gary, and SMUS, keeps very good company. One of the pleasantest aspects of my job is to bask in the reflected glory of my colleagues’ attainments. It has happened again. Congratulations, Gary.


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