Children’s Story – Typists and Editors

The Story Studio Writing Centre seeks volunteers to type the stories children write during in-class workshops in Greater Victoria schools.

The wonderful volunteer typists take a small pile of stories, written by children, to type weekly or bi-weekly. The stories are written during in-class workshops offered in schools around Greater Victoria. Once typed these stories are formatted and bound into books for the kids to keep. Volunteers must be reliable, have strong typing skills and have strong grammar and spelling. It is a fun, meditative activity that will offer insight into the workings of children’s minds! A great way to give back from the convenience of your home. Volunteers do need to be able to pick up and deliver manuscripts and are required to have a computer. An alternative is to edit stories already typed by other volunteers. Stories are sent in a word document but need a quick turnaround.

Typing positions have great flexibility and time commitment depends largely on typing speed. Volunteers can offer to type on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. With each commitment expect between 2-4 hours.

If you would enjoy this flexible position and have strong typing, grammar and spelling skills, please contact Paisley at 250-388-4418 or,


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