THE JAG: Environmental Service Outtrip Review


by Delphine Ji

At the beginning of October, I was given the chance to lead the very first Environmental Service Outtrip to Salt Spring Island. No one knew what to expect from this brand new trip, but it turned out to be a great experience.

On the first day we took the ferry to Salt Spring island and were immediately taken to the Nature conservatory to help plant native plants back into their original habitat. Since the area used to be a golf course, there was a shimmering lake and lush meadows all around. Afterwards we set up camp, and for some reason decided that steak would be a great camping meal! We (surprisingly) managed to cook our steaks medium rare, then sat by the campfire until it was time to hit the hay.

The next couple days followed a similar schedule between activities. Our group got to assemble a solar panel, hike to Burgoyne Bay, make cheese, soap and jam, learn about biodiesel and electric cars, bike around Salt Spring and got swarmed by a bunch of goats. Overall, what I like to call a good time. Some other memorable moments include: a boy climbing 20 meters up in a tree and the leaders freaking out, narrating a wrestling match between two goats, singing the National anthem of China and a couple of wheelbarrow races. Not knowing what to expect, this trip exceeded all my expectations and went beyond. If you are looking for a little bit of everything for your next outtrip, definitely try Environmental Service on Salt Spring.

This story appeared in the October issue of The Jag student newspaper. Click here to read the full edition.



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