THE JAG: Welcome to The Jag!

Welcome to The Jag! It’s a new school year, and the SMUS school newspaper has a new name and editor. My name is Becca Thomson and I’m hugely honoured to take over from last year’s proficient editors Eva Grant and Rachael Benjamin. Under Eva, Rachael, and the Ivy’s other past leaders, the SMUS school newspaper has been a popular outlet for SMUS news and entertainment.

The Jag remains committed to publishing high-quality and engaging material that interests the SMUS community. We recently rebranded ourselves as ‘The Jag’ with the help of student voters. Students also submitted several impressive logo designs for the paper. The winning graphic (seen above) was created by Paola Gonzalez.

This year, The Jag hopes to become more interactive with a shout-outs box in the library, an upcoming “Heard in Passing” section and a Facebook page with sneak peeks of upcoming features as well as quizzes and surveys.

Don’t be afraid to write in to Dr. Love with your romantic woes, Ask Abby for life and miscellaneous advice, or submit other shout-outs to our box in the library or to me at Enjoy!

This story appeared in the October issue of The Jag student newspaper. Click here to read the full edition.


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