U15 Soccer an Opportunity for Fun and Travel


by Makayla Lintott

A soccer trip to Montreal with a bunch of my friends? Yes please! We are throwing it back two weeks ago to the U15 girls Montreal trip. What a great way to start off the year. Since this was my first time going on a trip without any family members, I knew it was going to be good. Even though the 3am wake-up call came as a shock to all of us, we were ready to go give it our best.

The plane ride to Quebec was definitely not the most ideal length of time, but I still had lots of fun watching movies and doing math homework… actually, scratch that, just the movies. The rest of the day lagged on, and finally we were at our hotel. Some pizza and a good night’s rest was a perfect way to prepare us for our upcoming games.

The next day started much like the day before, except this time we had to play three games of soccer. The games went by very quickly, with some wins and loses. Satisfied with our performance overall, we headed to Old Montreal for a quick bite to eat and some exploring. If you are ever visiting Montreal, I highly suggest you visit Old Montreal. It is not only a great place to take photos, but a nice example of the many beauties of Quebec.

After two more long days of fast-paced soccer, we were done. We took second place in our division, which landed us 6th overall. You would think we would be disappointed with our placing, but I think everyone was still in a good mood. The silver CAIS medals looked great with our uniforms, leaving everyone satisfied.

Overall I would say this trip was a great success. What a great experience it was, providing us with an opportunity to play soccer and to visit another province. I really enjoyed my time in Montreal, and am looking forward to next year’s travels.

Photos by Catherine Cade


  1. Wonderful to read your write up, Makayla and catch up on the CAIS U15 Soccer trip. As a former Montrealer, I was happy to see you made time for Montreal poutine….the real thing!


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