#SMUSStyle Instagram Contest: Show Us Your Knot-Tying Skills


Our students’ return from the Thanksgiving long weekend marks a change in the school’s dress code – summer dress is out, and our regular uniforms come back to campus. To recognize this uniform change (and to promote some fun and creativity among our Middle and Senior School students), SMUS is launching an Instagram contest: we want to see your creative necktie knots!

Sure, it’s easy to spend 30 seconds tying a Half-Windsor knot in the morning, but that’s no fun! There are thousands of YouTube videos and websites that give step-by-step instructions to tie your tie in a more unique and visually interesting fashion. So show us your #SMUSStyle!

It’s easy to enter:

1- Follow @yourSMUS on Instagram
2- Take a photo of yourself wearing your SMUS school tie tied in a creative knot
3- Post the photo to Instagram and tag it with #SMUSStyle
4- Proudly wear your school tie at SMUS

We have some great prizes for our most creative students. There’s a top prize of a $100 gift card to Hillside Centre, plus two $50 runner-up prizes!

Want some inspiration? Here’s 100 Ways to Tie a Tie! And another great resource that breaks down some very complicated knots by difficulty and looks, plus instructions.

Contest ends at 11:59:59 p.m. on Thursday, October 22. The contest is open to Middle and Senior School students.

Do you have a question about the contest? Send us an email or ask us in the comments section on our latest Instagram photo!


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