Middle School Tech Students Get Behind the Wheel of a Race Car

Last week, students participating in the Middle School’s technology exploratory visited a very interesting workplace: VRX Advanced Simulators, located in the industrial park by Victoria International Airport. VRX designs and manufactures performance car and aircraft flight simulators for industrial and personal use.

The tour started with an overview of the showroom models, courtesy of employees Julia Rego (2011 SMUS grad) and Declan Dinnadge, followed a behind-the-scenes tour of the assembly and distribution areas. Julia, an engineering technologist, gave the students a brief overview of the production process and some of the training and education involved.

Then it was time to get the “rubber on the road” as students were given the opportunity to test drive on a simulated race track. With two simulators running on a Formula 1 track, it was a very exciting experience (and just a wee bit noisy). It was an enjoyable tour and a great opportunity to connect with a talented SMUS alumnus working in the diverse and interesting technology industry based in Victoria.


Student Reflections

“I had a wonderful time jumping over the sand bank and doing a triple barrel roll!” – Markus
“Thank you for letting me use the simulator! I really enjoyed it and would buy one (if I had the money)!” – Logan
“I really thought that it felt like I was in a legitimate race car. My favourite part was the HD monitors and the race track software.” – Felix
“We had fun while learning, so thank you for letting us come. My best memory was driving the car off the road with everyone yelling.” – Carson
“I had a blast trying the simulator out!” – Jerry
“My favourite part was when everyone went flying at the lumpy curve. Thank you.” – Oscar
“I thought it was an amazing learning experience and I learned quite a bit. I also had fun crashing the car a lot.” – Jason


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