Grade 5 Students Share Insight into Qualities of Leadership


Last week, each of our Grade 5 students bravely stood up in front of the whole school (plus a large crowd of proud parents) to give a speech on leadership.

After lengthy discussions surrounding the topic of leadership (What makes a good leader? How will I be a leader this school year? What qualities does a good leader possess?) in their classrooms, each student wrote and delivered a terrific speech that touched on these points.

“It’s been such a great process,” says Ms. Kathleen Cook, Assistant Director of the Junior School. “These Grade 5 students are really excited to be leaders this year.”

“This leadership assembly is always a really exciting day for our whole leadership development program. It’s a day where our Grade 5 students get to reflect on and talk about what leadership means to them,” adds Ms. Becky Anderson, Director of Leadership. “We really look at each and every one of our students as leaders as they go through their time at the school. We will continue to develop them, helping them understand themselves as leaders and gain the skills to lead others.”

Tying the speeches in to the Junior School’s focus on the Virtues program, our Grade 5 students exemplified the virtues of courage, confidence, love and – of course – leadership, as they spoke in front of the school. Way to go!

Excerpts from the Grade 5 Leadership Speeches

“A good leader shows compassion and tries their very best to help others and themselves. I remember when I was in Kindergarten and I looked up to the Grade 5 leaders, so I hope the Kindergartens look up to me as a leader.” – Josie

“This year I will try to do the right thing, not the easy thing. A leadership opportunity I’m looking forward to is being a Grade 5 ambassador, and helping make the school a better place.” – Tyson

“I want to be a good leader by being helpful and by doing the right thing. Leaders also make mistakes, but they try to do their best.” – Alastair

“Leadership to me is thinking outside the box because new thoughts lead to new ideas. A good leader doesn’t care what other people think and stands up for themselves.” – Sava

“Being a good leader is treating others how you want to be treated and looking out for others.” – Avery

“Leadership to me is being kind and giving everyone a chance to smile. A leader is also loving and tries to be as honest as possible.” – Jamie

“I think a leader is someone who has a positive attitude and uses their thoughts and ideas to help people in need.” – Alec

“A good leader is someone who is not afraid to make mistakes and has a positive attitude.” – Reede

“As a leader, I commit to helping others to play soccer, trying my best and never giving up. I look forward to being a good leader, setting good examples and doing good things to help.” – Ravi

“I remember when I was in Kindergarten wearing a red shirt and sitting in the front row. I thought my Grade 5 buddy was the best buddy ever.”  – Alexandra

“Leadership to me is treating everyone with respect and kindness. Sometimes just setting a good example for the younger kids can get you one step closer to being a great leader.” – Reed

“Leadership is as simple as helping someone find their way around the school or doing a favour for a teacher. Leaders are loyal and they jump out to help others when they need it.” – Maya

“Leadership is not taking control of the power you have, instead it could be helping someone through a door if they have a heavy load.” – Bhavi

“A good leader does what is right, not what is easy. Leaders keep their promises and try their best.” – Eva

“A leader to me is someone that keeps on trying, someone who does not create chaos and someone who is confident and mindful.” – Cole

“I’ve seen many examples of leadership, but more than being strong, courageous and an authority figure, is being a good friend.” – Liam

“A good leader brings out the best in everyone and does what they think is right.” – Samantha

“Leadership to me is being a good ambassador to new people and showing them around the school, and being courageous.” – Axel

“To me a leader is someone who is honest and knows how to act. A leader can be any age and doesn’t have to do the same thing as other people.” – Ryan

“I believe a leader is someone that follows their heart and is compassionate.” – Ava

“I find that a good leader should provide a safe feeling to those around him or her, but still knows where guidance is needed.” – Neil

“Leadership is being kind and helpful, and not being afraid to stick up for someone.” – Amy

“For me the most important thing to do as a leader is encouraging other kids when they are scared to do something, or if they get lost in the hallway and need help to find their way to the classroom.” – Rowan

“Leadership inspires people to stand up for what is right. As a leader, I want to help others around the world.” – Ryan

“A leader is someone who shares their talent and someone who does not brag. This year (and the other years to come), I will be a leader by helping more often, and being more loving.” – Alex

“A leader is someone who is patient and is a good friend. A good friend is someone who will be there for one another and will stand up for that person.” – Emmett

“To me leadership is taking the high road. If someone has their hands full, ask to help out. It is also comforting and helping people in need.” – Talia

“I think a leader should work the hardest they can and shouldn’t think they are better than anyone. I also think a leader should create peace, not war. I am going to do this by not holding grudges and not being mean.” – Arjun

“I think a leader should be kind and helpful. A leader is patient and determined to do what is right. A leader is a person to look up to.” – Ian

“A leader understands that if they try, they can accomplish anything. And be confident that they can do that thing.” – Xander

“Being a leader doesn’t mean biggest, strongest or smartest, it’s the size of heart that counts.” – Harrison

“To me a good leader is someone who respects you for who you are and won’t judge people for any reason.” – Jonah

“I would love to show you around the school in my job as a student ambassador. I think a good leader shows sportsmanship and kindness in the school.” – Kelsey

“Leadership to me is to model good things to others, to be kind and to be inclusive at recess.” – Bryson

“Leadership is trying the best you can for others to follow you. You know you’re a leader when you don’t take the easy way out of the things.” – Harrison

“Leadership means to me someone who is nice, caring and respectful. Another thing about leadership is someone who works hard to make a change.” – Naechal

“A leader to me doesn’t sit and just watch as something is wrong, they stand up and do what’s right. Leaders have to be brave and strong and take chances.” – Lauren

“Being a leader to me means being patient and trying to help when you can. If you need help with something, feel free to ask me or any one of the Grade 5s.” – Ty

“To me being a good leader is being a role model to everyone who needs someone to look up to. Also, leaders are always determined to keep trying, even when something is hard.” – Ella

“I believe that being a leader means being respectful to the environment and to others. I truly think that everyone can be a leader if they want to.” – Alyssa

“Leadership to me is taking charge and acting, not sitting back and relaxing. Leadership to me also means thinking of others and not just of yourself, being modest, and being a good example or role model.” – Daniel

“To me a leader is caring and modest. I am going to be a leader this year by being inclusive.” – Jonah

“Leadership is going out of your comfort zone and having your own individual mindset, being aware and acknowledging the ones surrounding you.” – Makena

See more photos of the Grade 5 Leadership Speeches on the SMUS Photo Gallery.

(photos by Kyle Slavin and Gordon Chan)


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