A SMUS grad at UC San Diego


Len (SMUS Grad ’12) is in his fourth year of study at the University of California, San Diego, in the Jacobs School of Engineering. He has chosen aeronautical engineering as his major and expects to finish his degree in about 18 months. When I last saw Len, it was  in San Diego during his freshman year at UCSD when he navigating life as a college student in a new city with few points of reference and no idea how to cook for himself. Two years later, he says he still doesn’t cook but he has certainly found his niche in the world of engineering and is loving UCSD and being in San Diego.IMG_1960Len has found that there are lots of options for support within Jacobs. From conference opportunities to incubators to advising to career fairs to patent support teams, the university’s engineering program is large enough to be able to provide a whole range of options for students to explore in order to create their best undergrad experience. Each UCSD student has to pick a college to be part of and must fulfill the core requirements of each college; Len chose Sixth College and lived in the dorms for his first year but moved off campus after that and now lives within a 10 minute drive of campus.

Along the way, Len also developed a start-up company to work on a idea for home automation. He and some fellow engineering students (along with some marketing assistance from another SMUS grad), have been working on their business now for two years, with Len heavily involved in the design element of it, his favourite part. They have prototypes and some prospective customers, and he is hopeful for the future of the company. He still goes to school full-time and is planning on doing a Master’s in Engineering in Design after he graduates from UCSD.

Len reminded me just how much time he spent in my office and on his university applications during his grade 12 year. He was intently focused on finding the best engineering school for him, and he broadened my horizons by introducing me to a long list of interesting places to study that he discovered through his own research. It is indeed gratifying to see him thriving in his chosen place of higher learning.

UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering, UCSD Geisel Library, UCSD


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