Three ways to support our young leaders


Shifting from summer mode to the pace of September at SMUS can be a significant transition and the amount of information at this time of year can be plentiful and, possibly, overwhelming. While I commit to contributing to the leadership blog regularly, at this time of the year I am going to be brief but would like to take a moment to introduce some to Leadership Development at SMUS and remind others about our goals.

There are three specific areas of focus for leadership development:prefect 2

  • Support students’ understanding of themselves as leaders.
  • Engage in opportunities to explore interests and develop passions.
  • Gain skills that are important to lead others

Leadership development at SMUS is geared towards each and every individual. Thinking about the growth and age appropriateness of our students, we approach this thoughtfully by embedding opportunities into the academic program while also providing an abundance of choice through our extra-curricular offerings.

At this time of the year you may wonder what you can do as a parent to support your child’s leadership development. Here are some suggestions:

These are the top three things I recommend for students to do immediately to start the year off well:

  • Students have been encouraged to get engaged in extra-curricular opportunities at the school and the Leadership through Activities Guides (available for Junior, Middle and Senior School students) is a great resource. Each booklet has information about different clubs, councils or events that may be interesting.
  • For students aged 14 years and older, the Duke of Edinburgh Award is a globally recognized leadership award that our students are well positioned to receive. Read more about it and email or come speak to Mrs. Parker with questions.
  • Finally, start the year with a willingness to learn, stretch yourself out of your comfort zone, and remind yourself to have a growth mindset. Revisiting successes and failures throughout the year is essential for building our confidence as leaders.

We are looking forward to another wonderful year.




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