Junior School Students Lead Delicious Leadership Initiative


At St. Michaels University School, the leadership program is based on the understanding that every student is a leader and each child is involved in the leadership program. One of the streams of leadership is the service stream and the students participate in service initiatives that involve the entire community.

In addition to these scheduled service opportunities, students have the opportunity to submit a proposal for a student-led initiative if they have a special cause that they wish to support. Every year we have a few such service initiatives approved as a part of the service plan.

The first student-led initiative at the Junior School took place this week, as three Grade 4 girls took it upon themselves to bake cupcakes and hold a wonderful cupcake sale at morning recess to raise money for BC Children’s Hospital.

We look forward to another year filled with opportunities for our children to give back to the community and to the lessons learned from these experiences.

Student Reflection from Bryn, Sienna and Maggie

On Monday, September 28 we had a bake sale and raised money for the BC Children’s Hospital. We wanted to help kids like us but who are in need. On the weekend we baked at our own houses and then we got together at Sienna’s house and decorated the cupcakes. At recess time we held the bake sale. There was a long line but there were enough cupcakes. A lot of people got seconds. It made us feel really good that we could make enough cupcakes for everybody and it was really fun. We are glad to do service that involves our two favourite things – helping people and making cupcakes!

(photos by Gordon Chan)


  1. I am so proud of these young ladies taking the initiative to do what they enjoy and use their gifts to do some good! They are an example to all of us and a reminder that we are never too young or too old to contribute and to serve others.
    To Bryn, Maggie and Sienna,
    The world needs more like you!
    Keep on baking!!!


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