Exploratory is All About Your Passions and Trying Something New


The Exploratory program at the Middle School gives students in Grades 6 through 8 a chance to try new things, pursue their passions or further explore something that may pique their interest. Exploratory is class within the school schedule where learning something new takes precedence over grades.

Teachers and students all have a say in what Exploratory classes are offered and how certain classes are run, allowing for a lot of flexibility based on what the students want to get out of the experience. Classes are cross-grade, which gives the older students a chance to model leadership for the younger grades and for those younger students to learn by the example of people close to their own age.

This term – like every term – we’re offering some great Exploratory classes that touch on arts, sports, sciences and more. Here’s a list of the Exploratory options available this term:

Do you enjoy being with children? This Exploratory will enable you to earn a Red Cross “Babysitter Certificate” and give you the confidence and experience to care for children. The course includes:

  • How to be responsible when home alone
  • How to create a safe environment
  • How to cope with common problems
  • Skills to take care of babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers and school-aged children
  • Games and activities
  • How to manage a babysitting business (resume, business cards and more!)

Championship Soccer
This Exploratory is open to everyone in all grades. It’s fun, fast-paced and helps you get ready for the school soccer season. Rain or shine, we’ll be out there playing!

Comic Book/Graphic Novel Creation
Bring your artistic talents, your writing skills and your sense of adventure. We’ll be looking at different types and styles of comics and graphic novels and you will get the chance to create your own.

SMUS-MS-1516-Exploratory-05CSI Forensics
Keen observers and young scientists wanted! We will conduct mini-labs and explore other hands-on activities to help us solve a variety of crimes.

Fibre Arts
Learn new skills and hone those you know. Bring your ideas and have fun with crocheting, knitting, dry-felting and more!

Fun Fitness
This is a fun fitness and conditioning program that prepares students for sport and for life. From learning how to properly use exercise equipment to improving form in their sport of choice, this Exploratory class gives students the knowledge and skills to stay healthy and reduce the risk of injury. By learning about the importance of posture, balance, better movement and muscle endurance over strength, students have fun while staying active.SMUS-MS-1516-Exploratory-07

Large-Scale Painting
Working with pencil, paper and paint, students will create themed art for a temporary installation in the Chapel based on a variety of religious symbols.

Lawn Sports
Get ready to test your wits as you strategize your way through an abundance of lawn sporting showdowns: bocce, croquet, horseshoes, ladderball, frisbee face-off and more. (The sport lineup is weather dependent!) No experience necessary – all you need is a positive attitude and a willingness to try.

Make Your Own Movie
Using your own device or one of the school iPads, you will write a script, film and edit a 3-5 minute movie. At the end of the Exploratory we will have a viewing party for all the completed projects!

Middle School Explorers
Each session provides students with wilderness and outdoor training, including reading maps, GPS work, outdoor cooking, tarps and tents, packing for trips, insects, local plants, birds and animals, and survival tips and tricks. This Exploratory is rain or shine, so come dressed for the weather.

Are your days super jam-packed? Do you want to discover new ways to slow down, relax and have fun? We will get to know and love our brains by doing fun and relaxing activities, like taste testing, performing random acts of kindness, yoga, going for walks, and listening to music. Join us for this Exploratory to pause and set yourself up for a fun and happy school year.

Recording Studio Building
Are you interested in all things tech? During this Exploratory, we will be building a recording studio from the ground up. We will be researching products, designing the space, purchasing equipment and hopefully recording a few broadcasts.SMUS-MS-1516-Exploratory-06

Come join the construction crew as we continue building a model of SMUS in MinecraftEdu (then filling it with zombies). New and experienced crafters welcome. There will be plenty of time for play once the construction work is done!

Ukulele Fun
Do you like the sing? Are you looking for a new musical adventure? Then you should learn to play the ukulele. Together, we’ll learn songs that we can perform and share with others.

Ultimate Frisbee
Co-ed teams will make up the exploration of this incredible sport. If you have never played before or if you are an “expert”, join us for Ultimate Frisbee SMUS-MS-1516-Exploratory-08outside in the fresh, autumn air during Exploratory times. You will have an incredible time and learn new skills surrounding this sport.

The woodworking class teaches basic skills using hand tools. You’ll learn to cut, saw, plane, sand and paint using hand tools alone. You’ll start with easy wood projects, such as wood puzzles, and work your way up to more skilled pieces, like toolboxes, birdhouses and locker shelving.

Yoga for Everyone
Come and join this relaxing Exploratory that’s focused on fun, flexibility and fitness. All skills levels are welcome!


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