Kindergartners Choose What They’re Most Excited About This School Year


Do you remember your first days of Kindergarten? After a day or two of realizing just how awesome it is getting to learn and play with kids your own age in a really positive environment, that anxiety of saying goodbye to Mom and Dad in the morning fades away.

Now just a week into the school year, our two new classes of Kindergarten students are already arriving at school every day with big smiles and an eagerness to start learning. Now that they know a thing or two about school at SMUS, the SMUS Review chatted with the students about their year ahead.

What are you most excited for about Kindergarten?

Jasper: The gym because I saw the kids playing in it.
Matthew: Going outside because you get to play on things.
Amelia: To wear my uniform, because I’m really excited when I get older to wear the kilt. I want somebody to teach me how to do Highland dancing.
Lisa: Colouring because I like to colour with colours I like.
Farrah: All the parties that we’re going to have.
Hamish: Playing with the toys.
Liam K.: Going to the hoedown at school.
Sidney: The fun days.
Manav: Being big, because then you can grow up.
Sakura: Drawing.
Owen: Magnetic blocks because they can stick to each other and you can build stuff.
Olivia: Playing outside because I like having some fresh air.
Jack: Movie Day, because you get to watch a movie. I want to watch Monsters vs. Aliens.
Liam T.: I’m very excited for holding the stop sign because you get to be a crossing guard.
Maho: I’m so excited for lunch and snacks in Kindergarten. I love to play, too.
Tate: Playing with my new friends.
Michaela: I’m excited because my sister is here. She’s in Grade 5.
Dishanna: Pyjama Day because I get to wear my Mickey Mouse pyjamas.
Katherine: Playing outside because I like playing with the other kids.
Jefferson: Recess because I get to play on the donut.
Addie: Playing with all the toys.
Isaac: Watching a movie.
Stephanie: Pyjama Day. It’s really fun because you get to bring your own stuffie and sit on the carpet with your pyjamas.
Mateo: Being with other kids and playing with them.

And for good measure, we also asked our two kindergarten teachers the very same question.

Ms. Gardner-Hill: I’m most excited about meeting my little children and seeing where they lead us. It’s always interesting. They dictate how the year goes; what is needed and their interests and their passions and their stories dictate what we do. I love to see them learn. They have such passion, they have such enthusiasm at this age. They love being at school, they love being with their friends and they love learning new things. Their growth is amazing to watch, so I’m excited for all of that.

Ms. Lincoln: I’m looking forward to getting to know these 14 new little learners. When I think back to all my years as a teacher, I sort of marvel at these amazing children who I meet in September, knowing the promise that’s there, and then getting to know them that year. I have this great anticipation for meeting new children and finding out who they are.

(photos by Gordon Chan and Kyle Slavin)



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