Clubs and Councils are a Great Way to Get Involved


One of best ways to jump in head first at the Senior School is by joining a new club or council; getting involved in something that interests you or something that you’re curious about will keep you engaged for the whole school year.

This week, we hosted our annual Clubs and Councils Fair; a chance for dozens of the extracurricular groups to recruit new members, and a chance for new and returning students to find out about all of the unique opportunities they have this school year.

Among the Clubs and Councils are some returning favourites, like the Business Club (which runs and operates The Daily Grind, the campus coffee shop), Pride, and the school newspaper (which is being rebranded this year with a new name and logo!), as well as some new clubs that were getting lots of buzz, like the Military History Club, the Tech Club and the History is Awesome Club.

The SMUS Review chatted with some of the teachers and students about some of the clubs and councils they’re offering this year, and asked them why you should join their group.

Mandarin Club
“The Mandarin Club is a great way to learn about Chinese culture, to know all the cool sentences you want to learn in Mandarin and get something on your ROA. You don’t have to come to it every single week, we’re really flexible, and it’s a really cool way to meet new people.” – Ryan

The Book Club
“It’s called The Book Club, so you should only join if you love books. But you should consider joining because it’s a good way to unwind in the middle of the day. We’re not a really stressful club and you get tons of leadership opportunities in helping organize the events that we put on. And it’s a lot of fun reading the books!” – Karen

Student Council
“We act as a link between students and the faculty, and if you ever want anything done on campus, this is where it’s at. We address things to do with the student community and we plan events for the entire school.” – Patty

Service Council
“This is the council that gives you the days to wear civvies to school. You’re not just coming to school in your clothes because you don’t want to wear dressSMUS-SS-ClubsFair-07 shirts or dress pants, but you’re paying to support a cause. Not only is it fun for you, it’s helpful for the world. And that’s important. You should also join because we’re a community, and we organize fun things like Halloween, Christmas and photos with Santa. It’s fun getting to work on an event and put your own personal twist on whatever it is you want to do.” – Aidan

Admissions Student Ambassadors
“You should join because it gives you an opportunity to show new parents and students why and how much you love the school. And it’s great because you get to show people around during your spares!” – Ms. McKay. Watch Shelby and Koby talk about why they were Student Ambassadors.

Green Club
“If you’re passionate about the environment, want to help make the SMUS community green, and get out into the community to make Victoria more green, then you should join this club. We’re connected to the Outdoor Council in the sense that we want to promote the outdoors, but we are looking for a group of students who are action-based who want to go out and do physical change. It’s a brand new club so all ideas are welcome!” – Jade and Simone

Outdoor Council
“First of all, it’s a great opportunity to develop an appreciation for nature by doing a lot of really cool activities, and then getting some opportunities to be able to preserve and sustain nature. The club’s for people who love the outdoors, and want to spend more time out there and want to meet other people who are interested in the same thing. The best part about the club is definitely going on all the cool trips – skiing trips, whitewater kayaking trips, surfing.” – Lucas

School Newspaper
“We’re not going to be called The Ivy this year. We’re having a new name and logo contest as the club starts up. There’ll be comics and horoscopes, photos, interviews, crosswords, lots of fun ways to get involved. And it’s great to get published. There’s something for everyone and it’s going to be awesome!” – Becca

Military History Club
“We’re going to learn about anything from the tactics and strategies of battle to weaponry to the effects of war on cultures and nations. We want to talk about things and analyze things to a high level. It’s going to be driven by the students, so I’m really excited. This is the first year for this club, so I’ll be getting different ideas and learning from what students’ interests are, and taking their passions to another level.” – Mr. Young

Model UN
“It’s a lot of fun. Model UN is a great way to build public speaking skills, learn about international relations, debates, and meet new people with similar interests. It’s a lot of fun debating at the conferences and forcing yourself to think from a different country’s view. Stepping into the role of someone who has to deal with so many challenging issues and actually coming up with real-life plausible solutions is really fun.” – Sara and Jasper

Yearbook Club
“The Yearbook Club is fantastic! And you get to create history at SMUS that people will look back on for years and years and years. It’s so rewarding seeing the new yearbook come out, and seeing all your hard work in print. And Ms. Gillett brings cookies every Tuesday!” – Ms. Bateman

Pride Club
“We promote awareness and social acceptance among the whole community. And we also promote awareness of the different types of people that are out there. We talk a lot about social issues and what’s in the news; the fact that the LGBT community is being more accepted around the world. It’s a safe place, it’s an accepting place and you’re free to say whatever you want. It’s nice how accepting and how welcoming everyone is because we are inclusive, and we aren’t negative.” – Sophie and Alex

Peer Counselling
“Peer Counselling is a great opportunity to connect with other students, and it gives you an opportunity to help others. At the same time, if you’re interested in psychology or learning about the brain we do that, too. And we SMUS-SS-ClubsFair-09focus a lot on learning communication skills and how to work with people effectively; how to better connect with people. It’s fun because you get to learn alongside other great people and build really good skills.” – Olivia and Saje

Tech Club
“Join this club because it’s super educational, it’s useful life skills, and really – forget about the educational stuff – it’s tons of fun. We have amazing technological tools (really, they’re toys) and we get to learn with them (which means we get to play with them). Because it’s a new club it will evolve and morph according to students interests and the skills that they’re bringing in.” – Mr. Steed

Keep the Beat Club
“Up until this year Keep the Beat was part of the Arts Council and we found that it would be better to have a dedicated team focusing on Keep the Beat. This way our club can just focus on activities throughout the year, as well as our big music marathon at the end of May and support something that’s really important. War Child Canada is one of the top NGOs in the world. It helps war-affected children, regardless of what side of the conflict they’re on.” – Ms. Williams

Arts Council
“Join us because you can find art in everything. We help organize the monthly acoustic concerts and we do artist of the month. This year have new ideas, like we want do concerts outside with picnics. We’re a big part of the Keep the Beat, and we help organize a lot of events at SMUS. We’re a really open group and we’re open to everything that is related to art. We’re going to have a fun, musical, artistic year!” – Iris

History is Cool Club
“You should join because it’s going to be fun, it’s going to be student run, it’s going to evolve based on what students want to do and what they want to talk about. We have no idea where it’s going to go and that’s what’s exciting about it. You could get money one day, and we could talk about economic history. You could get food, and we could talk about the history of our country. It’s going to be amazing!” – Mr. Maxwell

Arduino Club
“Arduino is a micro-controller that allows you to do anything in your world. It’s small computer that you can attach temperature sensors, pressure sensors, gas sensors, motors, if there’s some kind of a sensor or device to do something, Arduino can do it. You can build 3D virtual spaces, robots, all kinds of things. And so we’re going to try and cover basic skills like soldering, programming, a little bit about circuits. I’m kind of hoping we have a lot of interest in building a robot and entering competitions against other schools that build Arduino robots.” – Ms. Amirault

Learn more about all of the clubs, councils and extracurricular activities at SMUS’s Junior, Middle and Senior schools.

Check out more photos from the Clubs and Councils Fair at the SMUS Photo Gallery.


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