Feeding Our Future – Making Lunches

images (1)Feeding Our Future started last summer in Victoria. Sodexo partnered with SMUS and for six weeks  prepared bag lunches for about 150 kids each day.  Many children receive subsidized lunches throughout the school year, but not during the summer months. This program ensures they get a healthy lunch even in the summer.

This Sodexo initiative can only work through a partnership with the school. It is the only way we can provide enough labor for it to succeed. The Sodexo Foundation and sponsorship pays for the foods and supplies – we just need the willing hands! We will need volunteers for a few hours a day to help put together bag lunches for these kids.

Our production times will be in the Brown Hall kitchen Sunday through Thursday from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm, from the 7th of July until  the 14th of August. No previous experience necessary.

There may also be opportunities for delivery drivers to take the lunches to community centres in the morning from Monday to Friday.

Please email Sodexo@smus.ca or paula.henchion@sodexo.com to let us know when you can help out!


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