Junior School Sports Day – great kids, great coaches.


I have composed my blog entries in all kinds of places: on airplanes, on the ferry to Vancouver, in hotel rooms, in airport waiting rooms, at home, and in other countries. Today, I have the luxury of composing it in my office, looking out at the Barefoot Soccer tournament that has been playing out this week on the Richmond Rd. campus, and preparing to go to our Junior School, for the annual Sports Day.

The annual Sports Day in the Junior School is incredibly well-organized by Gary Barber, PE teacher and Assistant Director of Junior School. Relays, high jumping, tug-of-war and obstacle courses take place amid a seethe of activity that looks like barely controlled chaos. Somehow this apparent chaos always manages to gather itself into just the right amount of order for everyone to move onto the next event, until we all settle at the end for the distribution of ribbons. It is always a wonderful afternoon, and with today’s spectacular weather, the crowd will be larger than usual.

Although no students or parents in the Junior School can be expected to know this, one of the big consequences of our last Athletic Review, in 2007, was the growth of sports options in the Junior School, and allocation of resources to coaching. This same pattern played out in the Middle School.

At SMUS we have always focused and continue to focus on sensible long term athlete development. In the briefest possible way, you are getting a snapshot of how it all fits together, across Junior, Middle and Senior Schools. Here are this year’s results in our Senior School program:

Championships: City: Island: Provincial AA:
Senior Girls Volleyball 1st
Senior Boys Soccer 1st 1st 1st
Senior Girls Field Hockey 1st 1st            2nd
Junior Boys Soccer 1st
Senior Boys Basketball 1st 1st 1st
Senior Girls Basketball 3rd
Junior Boys Basketball 1st
1st XV Rugby 1st N/A 1st
Colts Rugby (Grade 10) 2nd
Senior Girls Soccer 1st 1st 3rd
Tennis 2nd 4th 7th
Badminton 1st 1st 8th

Our rowers are at the National Championships this weekend, and all during the year there have been notable performances in individual sports such as squash, golf and Track and Field.

Great kids, great coaches.


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