Long summer days ahead


Ah, June. There is so much to do this month, and also so much promise for the two months that lie in wait. Some students have already got their summer planned to include doing course work through distance learning or summer school. Others have a tabula rasa just waiting for spontaneous adventures to mold the summer into shape. If you are looking for some ideas of how to spend your summer vacation, and especially if you are thinking about your post-secondary path, plan to follow this space over the new few weeks as the University Counselling team blogs about some other ideas of how you might spend your summer vacation that could help prepare you for higher learning and for life.

Our hope is that all students will find time to explore areas of interest (virtually or in person), be involved in some work (paid or volunteer), read books, and recharge the batteries. Whatever the summer looks like, we hope it will include a potpourri of enriching and fulfilling activities, lots of fresh air, and some well-deserved brain breaks.


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