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Today, Grade 12 students Graeme Hyde-Lay and Cindy Kim, this school year’s Head Boy and Head Girl, reflect on their time as leaders and role models as heads of the Prefect Assembly.

by Graeme Hyde-Lay, Head Boy

My experience as Head Boy was amazing! It really forced me to step outside of my comfort zone and as a result I learned innumerable valuable lessons. For example, public speaking has always been a fear of mine but with the position of Head Boy I was forced to work on it and now, near the end of my time, I feel confident and comfortable when faced with a crowd.

The position was not exactly how I expected it to be, but having said that I really had no idea what to expect when first coming into the role – so that is no surprise.

The best part of the role for me was making all the new connections with all different types of people throughout the school. The role really forced me to interact with people I otherwise would never have gotten to work with and, as a result, I made many new friends among the faculty and student body during my time as Head Boy. The most challenging aspect for me was definitely trying to get everyone to agree on projects. Everybody has different ideas on what the best way to do things were and it was almost impossible to keep everyone happy and still make progress on a project.

by Cindy Kim, Head Girl

Being Head Girl, I gained true appreciation for people organizing different events, whether they be school events or not. Before beginning any big undertakings, members of a group or a council may have a plethora of ideas that sound great. In order to flesh out these ideas to yield success, though, work, delegation, motivation and organization are crucial.

Working in a team of 43 prefects in the Prefect Assembly was great, as we were able to see just how many awesome ideas we could come up with. Initiating a conversation regarding a new event often triggered a flow of ideas that excited the whole group, often making the event seem too easy to execute. However, when the time came for delegating, “getting stuff done”, and checking in with the group to make sure everyone was staying organized, our group found it hard to focus and sometimes lost motivation.

That being said, our Prefect Assembly was still able to pull together a major event in the second term, “Olympic Week”. Organization was key in executing Olympic Week and we could not have done it without Rylee Boyle and Siri Knudsen, who were in charge of directing the event. This event was a way for the whole school to come together and it was a huge success. All in all, this year’s Prefect Assembly was amazing and I believe next year will be just as amazing, if not more, with our new Head Boy, Jasper Johnston, and new Head Girl, Sarah Jones.

My advice for next year’s prefects is to make sure you stay motivated, stay focused and stay organized; these are all things that are easier said than done. However, with the guidance and support of many teachers, leadership from Sarah and Jasper, as well as the magic of the new prefects, everyone should have faith that this next group of prefects is going to do something big, something that exceeds expectations. To everyone in the Prefect Assembly of 2015-16: get excited, because you are the young women and men who will change SMUS for the better, soon to change the world for the better.

And to SMUS, I want to say thank you, thank you and thank you. My six years at SMUS were simply amazing. Thank you to all of the students for being so passionate, compassionate, kind and talented. Thank you to all of the teachers who are not only amazing teachers in their subject areas, but also amazing mentors in life. Thank you, SMUS, for the meticulous grass and pretty buildings that helped me freshen up and stay motivated in pursuing my passion. This sense of appreciation for SMUS, having started from Day 1, will always be a part of me, just as I will be a part of SMUS forever.

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