Operation Trackshoes

OTOperation Trackshoes is a sports festival for the citizens of B.C. who have a developmental disability and is being held at the University of Victoria from Friday June 12 to Sunday June 14, 2015.

They are looking for volunteers to help out in many different ways.

Their primary need is for counsellors. They are looking for approximately 250 volunteers to be Operation Trackshoes counsellors. An OT counsellor is assigned to one or more competitors and provides friendship and guidance in very much the same way as a camp counsellor would. They provide all the necessary training – no special skills are needed. They always have a competitor wait list so your participation will mean that at least one additional person will be able to come to OT.

They also need people with expertise. They are actively looking for a corporate fundraiser. However, if you have some other specialized training or experience, they would very much like to speak to you.

Meet officials: If you can provide a group of people (ten or more) for at least half a day, they would be very interested in hearing from you. However, they regret that they are not looking for individual volunteers as meet officials at this time.

Visit the website for more information http://trackshoes.ca/volunteers_needed.html or to apply as a counsellor visit http://www.trackshoes.ca/counsellor.html

If you have questions or want more information email info@trackshoes.ca or call 1-888-317-2826



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