19 SMUS Grads Earn Dogwood Scholarship for Extra-Curricular Excellence

Nineteen Grade 12 students were recently announced as recipients of a $1,000 Dogwood District Award, recognizing their excellence in non-academic work.

The awards, which recognize achievement in Fine Arts, Applied Skills, Physical Activity and Sport, Second Langauges, Community Service, or Technical and Trades Training, are awarded by the Ministry of Education. Of the 85 awards available on Vancouver Island, SMUS students earned 19 of them.

Congratulations to the following students for earning a Dogwood District Award:

Alex Nesnidalova (Creative Writing)
Ann Makosinski (Technology)
Callum Montgomery (Performance in Team Sport)
Camila Strasdas (Studio Arts)
Claudia Wheler (Performance in Individual Sport)
Douglas Peerless (Theatre Performance)
Emma Loughton (Leadership)
Gabbi Leon (Dance)
Graeme Hyde-Lay (Leadership in Sport)
Harrison Giles (Second Languages)
Jake Wilmott (Performance in Team Sport)
Joe Avio-Pegler (Popular Music – Performance)
Mike Edwards (Leadership in Sport)
Nicholas Loughton (Community Service)
Rachael Benjamin (Leadership in Sport)
Rachel Olson (Second Languages)
Rebecca Bosworth (Leadership)
Sarah Loughton (Community Service)
Uma Hallea (Studio Arts)

The scholarship is a tough one to earn, as it includes a written component and requires a complete portfolio. We are extremely proud of all of our 2015 graduates for their academic and non-academic successes as they look towards post-secondary life.



  1. Well done to all of our Dogwood Scholarship winners! Proud of these kids who have effectively balanced the demands of their academic and extra-curricular commitments. They are great examples for our younger students who have looked up to them throughout their successes. Congratulations!


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