Junior School Celebrates Being Environmentally Friendly


Kindergarten and Grade 5 classes are trying to make the world a little greener by drawing environmentally friendly messages on Thrifty Foods paper grocery bags. The bags will then be returned to the Fairfield location, and SMUS-JS-EarthWeek-08some lucky customers will receive the artfully decorated paper bags when they purchase groceries.

“The children thoughtfully prepare the bags, promoting images and messages of caring for our Earth within the community,” said Kindergarten teacher Ms. Margaret Lincoln. Her young students have led this Earth Week activity at SMUS for several years, and this year the Kindergarten students were excited to bring their Grade 5 buddies into the fold to collaborate on the bags (and to create twice as many as usual!).

This was just one of many environmentally friendly initiatives led by Junior School students during Earth Month in April. The school’s Green Team also took on an important leadership role, sharing their knowledge and positive messaging around reducing, reusing and recycling.

The Green Team is made up of 20 enthusiastic students in Grades 4 and 5 who are interested in learning more about what it means to be green, and how they can make a difference in our environment at the Junior School and in their community.

They educate the rest of the school about composting and recycling in assemblies, and they actually empty classroom compost bins each week. It’s a yucky job, but they encourage each other to get it done in order to reduce the amount of litter from the school finding its way into the landfill.

Recently, at the Earth Month assembly, the Green Team had fun reminding student to reduce, recycle and reuse by reading a fun story, playing a video and singing a song entitled “It’s All About the Green” (to the tune of “It’s All About That Bass”). We are all about the green, NO GARBAGE, at the Junior School!

Green Team Reflections

“We may only be about 20 students, but we have an opinion and we are trying to make a difference, and we feel that we are.”

“We observe and try to find ways to make a difference in our environment.” – Makena

“We wrote the song to make an entertaining way to encourage students to think about cleanliness around the school.”

“A good way to remember something important is to get a song stuck in your head.”

“The Green Team makes a difference and it makes us feel proud.”

“If we make others aware, we can stop littering and it will make a difference in our environment.”

“We strive to make a difference.”

(photos by Kyle Slavin; video by Gordon Chan)


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