Summer study opportunities


AP season is upon us now and there is ever increasing talk of exams in June, but many students are also turning their minds to how they will spend their two months of holiday. Some are thinking about summer school and there are many options to choose from in Victoria and Vancouver if you are looking for credit/academic courses; most of the courses offered take place in July.

Please make sure you have talked about your summer study plans with your Academic Advisor, particularly as it may change your course selections for 2015-2016.

There are also some really fantastic programs all over the world if you are looking for non-credit opportunities in anything from computer engineering to world politics to leadership to creative writing…and the list goes on! Check out this PDF for details and links to some of the programs that have floated across our inboxes or desks: Summer Opportunities 2015

*Here is one more summer option for you to consider that has just come across my desk: 2 weeks in Switzerland learning all about the opportunities in the world of hospitality (and about chocolate, cheese, and 5 star hotels) from the Swiss Education Group.



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