Young Artists Put Works on Display at ISA Art Show


SMUS students in Kindergarten to Grade 8 hung their hard work and dedication for all to see, at an art show last weekend hosted by SMUS.

The gym was filled with drawings, paintings, sculptures and textiles by students from 10 South Island schools – as well as a steady crowd throughout the day – as the event drew students and parents keen on seeing familiar works on display.

“We had some parents come without their kids; they couldn’t make it because they were busy elsewhere, but they really wanted their parents to see their art in an exhibit,” said Middle School art teacher Ms. Leanne Wilkins. “There’s a real sense of pride with their artwork.”

More than 100 SMUS students had their art in display in the ISA Art Show.

“It’s kind of like a scavenger hunt. There are some areas that are for set grades, but I had students come in asking where their pieces were, and you tell them to go searching for it. They get to see the other pieces in the show and really appreciate the work that all students, from SMUS and from the other schools, do,” Ms. Wilkins said.

A huge thanks to Ms. Wilkins and Junior School art teacher Ms. Angelina Agathoklis for their hard work in getting the event organized and the SMUS artwork on display.

Student Reflections

“Kandinsky’s work was one circle inside another until it’s like a tornado! My favourite shape is a pentagon, but I liked working with circles because they’re my other favourite shape. It made me happy to have my picture up for people to see, and my brother’s was right beside it – that made me really happy! I felt very special.” – by Lorenzo, Kindergarten

“My artwork was a painted circle within a circle within a circle until a dot. I used black, yellow, orange and purple for colour. I picked these colours because they are beautiful. I really liked this artwork because we got to use paint. I learned how to paint circles and paint a black background. I really liked wearing an art smock, too. It was nice to have my art up there because my mom and my grandma got to see it. I learned that artists work very hard to get their art up and I did that.” – by Wolfgang, Kindergarten

“I had a clay gargoyle on display at the art show. I like working with clay because you are hands-on all of the time. It is also fun because you can make almost anything with it. When I heard my art was on display I was really happy because in a way it represented SMUS, and I’m happy about that.” – by Emma, Grade 5

“My owl was on display. We were studying owls and it made me happy doing owl art. I like making my own version of an owl. I like how all my colours stand out really well. It makes me feel like a real-live artist in a real-live art show.” – by Caitlyn, Grade 2

“I had my dragon picture on display. I really think that I used beautiful colours on my dragon. It was for Chinese New Year and fairy tales. It makes me feel happy for people to see all the hard work I’ve done.” – by Ellie, Grade 1

“Having my artwork in the art show made me feel very proud of myself. My art teacher Ms. A said she picked my snowflake because I added colour to my border. When I went to the art show on Saturday, April 25 I felt really good when I was congratulated by my friends and family on how good my artwork was. Next year I hope to have another piece of artwork in the show, but there are other people in the world who should have their artwork in the show.” – by Ty, Grade 4

“The piece that was displayed at the art show was my paper collage bird. What I liked about this project was that we could choose any type of bird (or make up our own) and use any colours we wanted. I enjoyed having my piece up in the show with all the other amazing art!” – by Lauren, Grade 4


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