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SMUS students have access to a wide variety of extracurricular opportunities that interest them. We offer more than 100 fun and rewarding clubs or councils that provide students of all ages with leadership experience, skill development and a chance to contribute to life on campus and in our greater community. The SMUS Review is currently highlighting these extracurricular activities and the passionate students who get involved.

Today, the SMUS Review asks five members of the school’s Photography Club – Timmy Qi, Tiger Li, Kitty Liang, Kara Jebbink and Grace Kwok – to share their top photography tips with you to improve your own picture taking.

SMUS-PhotoClub-TimmyQi (Photo by Timmy Qi)

1) Try shooting in different formats and with different devices. Bring your camera wherever you go. Or your phone. Or your Polaroid. You never know what might spark your interest. You can also get a nice surprise when you shoot with different formats – like film – instead of using your phones or a digital camera.

SMUS-PhotoClub-KittyLiang-02 (Photo by Kitty Liang)

2) Don’t be afraid to play around with Photoshop. Photo editing may seem intimidating and very complicated, but there are many simple apps and techniques that can greatly alter the effects of your photos. Phone apps, such as Photoshop Express, are great for simple yet effective changes. The entire mood and style of your photo can be altered just by some slight colour manipulations.

SMUS-PhotoClub-KaraJebbink-02 (Photo by Kara Jebbink)

3) Shoot at different angles. When you think you’ve finished photographing something, take a few more seconds of time to play with the angles at which you shoot your subject. Maybe try some less obvious compositions. Anyone can take a picture of something that looks cool to the eye, but what makes a photograph stand out and memorable is how you portray the subject.

SMUS-PhotoClub-TigerLi-02 (Photo by Tiger Li)

4) Shoot more. Try to take more than one shot for the same object so you can select the best one from the shots. And don’t be afraid to break the basic rules of photography once you have mastered them. Taking photos against the light can create some cool effects!

SMUS-PhotoClub-GraceKwok-02 (Photo by Grace Kwok)

5) Treat the camera like your eyes. Try to explore different places with your camera and take photos of anything you think is unique. Looking through a camera gives you a different perspective on your subject. Using a camera can even increase your observation skills and curiosity.

SMUS-PhotoClub-KittyLiang-03 (Photo by Kitty Liang)

6) Learn as many photography techniques as you can. Even though you may not be able to memorize every single detail, you will still be familiar with some awesome techniques that your teachers and peers may not know of. And just knowing one of them will help make your photos stand out.

Thank you to Grace, Kara, Kitty, Tiger and Timmy for sharing their photographic insight! You can check out more photos from the Photo Club members at an exhibit and sale, running late May and June at Mo:Lé Restaurant in downtown Victoria. Money raised from the sale of student photos will be donated to the BC SPCA and the Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria.

Learn more about all of the clubs, councils and extracurricular activities at SMUS’s Junior, Middle and Senior schools.



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