Kindergarten Students Lead Their Parents Around School


Kindergarten students were all excited to take their parents around the school this week, demonstrating to them what they’ve learned this year and showing off some wonderful art projects. Student-led conferences at the Kindergarten level are a great way for our youngest students to demonstrate what they know and what they can do.

“Rather than just show the product, it’s important for the children to show the process. The format we choose is a reflection of what their learning has been and almost reenacts that process with their parents beside them,” says Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Margaret Lincoln. “Student-led conferences allow them to really lead and take ownership of their education. Rather than a parent simply looking at a folder of work without any context or understanding of the process, this way parents can be partners with their child in their learning.”

Mrs. Lincoln says providing parents with a chance to see the skills that their child is learning – not just academic, but also skills like creativity and critical thinking – allows them to see where they are in the developmental stage.

“It’s important for parents to understand that, especially in Kindergarten and Grade 1, the developmental continuum is so broad, and children reach milestones at many different points,” she says. “These conferences celebrate the students’ successes in moving forward.”

Student Reflections

“I liked doing the weighing station because my mom was good at it.” – Ronan

“I liked that I could show them around.” – Kate SMUS-JS-KindergartenStudentLeds-09

“My favourite part was showing her our creations.” – Arpit

“The favourite part is showing them around and spending a little bit of time with them.” – Truman

“My favourite was being in the gym doing the iPad thing because it was really cool because when I used the iPad, the picture showed the person talking.” – Lachlan

“I liked the art room because I got to go and see all the art and creations my friends made, and it was really fun.” – Jai

“I liked showing what I wrote.” – Helen

“My favourite part was showing them my creation because they really liked it. I made a rocket ship.” – William

“It was so much fun. I got to have my mommy here for a few minutes of the day. I got to spend time with my mommy and it was really fun.” – Lorenzo

SMUS-JS-KindergartenStudentLeds-10“I liked when I was at the weighing station because you get to weigh things.” – Mylan

“My favourite was the iPad station because it’s like magic.” – Adrian

“I liked playing games in the gym because it is lots of fun. And I love the gym. It is my favourite part and it was very nice to see my mom and daddy.” – Mia

“My favourite part is when I got to be with my mom because I got to do lots of fun stuff with her.” Raleya

“I liked when we got to roll the dice.” – Ming

“I liked showing her around the classroom because we got to play games.” – Haley

“I liked that they were able to come because I got to see them.” – Drew

“My favourite part was being in the gym showing my mom and my dad. And showing them my shark.” – Joshua

“I liked showing my mom and dad our classroom, and showing them my creation: an airplane.” – Elliot

“I liked showing my mom and dad around.” – Sami

“My favourite part was doing all my writing all by myself. It was super easy.” – LiamSMUS-JS-KindergartenStudentLeds-11

“My favourite part was when we were looking at stuff in the gym because there is lots of fun things in there.” – Samnit

“My favourite part was doing the balance scale because you got to balance things. I even got one that’s the same.” – James

“I liked being in the gym because we got to do fun activities there.” – Eli

“I liked the part where we got to go to the tally station because you got to play with dice. It’s my favourite game.” – Wolfgang

See more photos from the Kindergarten Student-Led Conferences at the SMUS Photo Gallery.

(photos by Kyle Slavin)


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