Badminton Players Have a Smashing Good Time

by George Floyd, coach

Badminton season for Middle School started on the first day of classes right after our Spring Break. Drawing on a pool of over 50 keen players across all three grades, we hosted a number of local schools in the preparatory rounds leading up to the LIMSSA tournaments held at SMUS and Gordon Head Middle School this week.

The tournament week started on Monday, during which our students competed in a pool of 14 local schools with over 200 players for each of the three sessions.

Our team results were quite pleasing with a number of singles and doubles players battling through to the quarter finals to either compete for the consolation and or the upcoming championship rounds to be held at SMUS next Wednesday (April 29).

Congratulations go to Scott, Theo, Cindy, Felix, Matias, Sebastian, Amelia, Meaghan, Marika, Wilson, Stanley, Adrian, Phillip and their many teammates for performing with such sportsmanship and dedication.

Student Reflections

“I’ve been playing badminton since Grade 6. My overall goal that year was to try everything, so I did as many clubs and sports as I could. I stuck with badminton because it was relaxing; I also play basketball, which is kind SMUS-MS-Badminton-Mof a crazy sport sometimes, so badminton is my outlet in being calm. I like that you don’t have five people on the court, and it’s just you and you’re in control of it all. You don’t have to worry about other people; making sure everyone’s getting a chance. Because of that, I prefer playing singles in badminton. I get that team experience from basketball, so playing singles is so different because when you’re alone, you’re fully in control of what happens, which is an interesting experience. My favourite part of badminton is getting to smash the birdie; hitting it really hard so you can let it all out. Being on the badminton team has been a great experience because you get to relax when you’re playing. If you’re stressed, it’s a fun way to let it out because you can hit the birdie as hard as you want and it won’t go all over the place.” – by Marika, Grade 8

“I like being on the badminton team because it’s really fun playing with friends. I decided to join the team because I had been playing tennis at home a bit, so it seemed a bit like tennis, and it was really fun to play. Tennis is different, though, because it has different rules, and you want to get the ball low and as far as you can, but with badminton you can literally just tap it and it can go high or right up close. Mr. Floyd is a really good coach. I realized I’m starting to get better at it. When I first started playing in fourth grade I was missing a lot of easy shots, and it kinda was the same way in Grade 5, and now all of a sudden something happened and I started getting better at it. Badminton’s a very fun sport; you get to hang out with your friends and hit some birdies over for a bit. It’s just really nice.” – by Sebi, Grade 6

“Being on the badminton team is really fun because you play with your friends, and usually when I play other people I get nervous, so if you have someone that you know it’s moreSMUS-MS-Badminton-F fun to play. I play a lot of other sports, too, like volleyball, basketball, squash and soccer, but I think badminton is my No. 1. I like that you get to know other people really well when you play badminton, and you get to move around a lot. I enjoy being on the badminton team because there’s people like Mr. Floyd that help me learn more, like if I don’t know a rule or if there’s a better way of hitting the birdie. I think I will stay on the badminton team in Grade 7 and 8.” – by Cindy, Grade 6

“My favourite part of badminton is that you hit the birdie above the net and it never touches the ground. I wanted to be on the team because I like to play against other schools. I play squash, which is also a racquet sport, but it’s a very different kind of racquet and a different kind of game. Squash is more sprinting, and badminton, I’d say, is more about placement. I’ve noticed that I am improving; my serves are getting deeper and I’m getting pretty good. It’s fun playing in the tournaments because you get to play against other schools and you get to watch other people play.” – by Felix, Grade 7

(photos by Kyle Slavin)


  1. I am so proud of all the students but special pride goes out to my beautiful granddaughter, Marika Shafonsky!
    Well done!


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