2015 Rugby Tour: Ten Days To Go!

Departure day is nearing as the SMUS Senior Boys Rugby squad gets set for its March 14-31 tour to Spain and Portugal. The excitement of all 44 players and 4 staff is palpable, as a two month pre season training slog comes to an end.

That the tour is just around the corner was reinforced at a wonderful team BBQ, hosted March 1 by Larry and Deb Kahn. Their beautiful Cadboro Bay house was the site for a gathering of players, coaches and parents. The entire squad, after a splendid meal, was reminded and encouraged to embrace all opportunities that will come its way while travelling the Iberian Peninsula.

The tour itinerary itself sees SMUS land in Barcelona on March 15 before working southeast to Valencia and then along the coast to Granada. Then, it is on to Marbella and Seville before crossing into Portugal and the Algarve region. To wrap up, the squad moves north to Lisbon, finishing its matches in the capital city’s prestigious Youth Festival.

Of course, the trip will be about far more than just rugby. Chief organizer Eliot Anderson, in conjunction with Joaquin Zabaloy of Merito Travel, has made sure the group will not only see the sights but also visit many places of great historical significance.

Hopefully, future blogs will bring the actual tour matches, travel and off field junkets to life.

On a more mundane level, the squad managed a first exhibition hit out on March 3, registering six tries in a 36-0 win over Brentwood. Noah Pryce-Baff, Josh Graffi, Dante Morandin, Carson Smith, Myles Duncan and Pablo Fernandez were among those who performed well.

There are three more games to negotiate before the tourists fly out from Victoria. These include March 5 away to Spectrum, March 7 home to Sardis and March 11 home to GNS.


  1. It was so exciting to see all team members departure for the tour this morning and very well organized, all memebrs wear same uniform, carry the same back pack and luggage, well done! Proud of all tour members.

  2. We wish everyone in the group an excellent trip, a great stay at all cities of the tour, and lots of fun in the games and with the whole experience.

    Congratulations for a very well organized start to the tour and thank you very much for the emails with guidance on travel, packing, and advice to the parents. They were useful and comprehensive, and they helped us collaborate with our son in preparing for the tour.

    For now, we leave you with our best wishes of fun and joy on the trip!

  3. Best of luck to the tour group. Thank you to all the coaches who have put so much effort into the organization to give the players what is sure to be a positive touring experience. I will look forward to following the blog during the tour.


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