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SMUS students have access to a wide variety of extracurricular opportunities that interest them. We offer more than 100 fun and rewarding clubs or councils that provide students of all ages with leadership experience, skill development, and a chance to contribute to life on campus and in our greater community. The SMUS Review is currently highlighting these extracurricular activities and the passionate students who get involved.

Today, we meet Jared (Grade 9) and Will (Grade 2), who are partners in the Buddy Reading Club.


What is the Buddy Reading Club?
Jared –It’s a club where we help the Grade 2 students learn to read or get them excited about reading. Sometimes it’s a little more interest-based; last time Will showed me something on the map that he was really interested in. I’m mostly there to help if he has words he doesn’t know how to read, or I ask him questions about what he just read to ensure he’s getting his reading comprehension right.

Will– We bring books to school, but after school we take a bus to the Senior School and there we
have a buddy. Because I’m particularly interested in science, I was paired with somebody who likes reading about science and physics and things like that. I read to him and he helps me read a bit more quickly because sometimes I’m a bit slow.

How has the experience been so far?
Jared –It’s been really good. My buddy’s really interested in science, which is good because it’s also an interest of mine. He’s showing me some books on physics and on the periodic table, which is neat. He knew all the elements.

Will– It’s really fun because you can interact with new people and you always are able to make new friends there.

What kind of science books are you reading?
Will– Periodic table and physics books, because those are two of my favourite types of books. But they’re good ones. I have two on the periodic table, one on technology, and one on physics.

What do you like about reading?
Will– That you can learn new things and consider what happens in each story. But sometimes it’s a bit annoying when you get to such a good part, but you have to stop reading!

What is your responsibility as the Senior buddy?
Jared –I mostly listen to what he’s reading, or one SMUS-BuddyReadingClub-WJtime he was reading a graphic novel so I was looking at what the image is showing. I also ask him questions on what he thought just happened or if he understood it fully. I make sure he’s not just reading the words, but he understands what he’s reading. He’s a very good reader already, just certain words are long for him.

What is the best part of being in the Buddy Reading Club?
Will– You can be with some of your good friends that are a bit older than you. And I just love reading. It’s just so fun because it’s a nice way to pass the time, a nice way to relax, and it’s hard to not like it if you’re in my family, because everybody in my family likes reading.

Would you recommend other students participate in the Buddy Reading Club?
Jared –Yes, it’s a great way to connect with some younger kids, and if you enjoy working with younger kids and teaching, it’s a great experience. I really like that you can help some of the younger grades and get a good connection with the Junior School. I like to get to know some of the kids.

Will– Yeah, because it’s just really fun. And it’s hard not to enjoy.

What do you gain from being in the Buddy Reading Club?
Jared –It’s helping to develop some leadership skills, as well as learning how to behave around younger kids. It’s a great way to get service hours and give back to the school community. And since he really likes science, I hope I’m helping him continue with that and stay interested.

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