100 Days of Learning and Service at the Junior School


It’s been 100 school days since the first bell rang in September at our Junior School. Since that time, our youngest have grown as students and citizens, learning through fun, interesting and unique opportunities. And with 100 Day upon us, the Junior School used it as an opportunity for both learning and service.

Since last Friday (the official 100th day of school), the students have been collecting non-perishable food as part of our annual All Souped Up for 100 Day fundraiser, to benefit the Mustard Seed Food Bank. While the school aims to collect 1,000 cans of food (100 per classroom), the students outdid themselves this year, collecting a total of 2,141 cans, which were collected by the Mustard Seed at the end of this week. (That equated to 1,875 pounds of food!)

Teachers use 100 Day as an opportunity to learn new math concepts or, for the younger grades, counting. Kindergarten students have counted each day of school this year, and got to celebrate when their chart reached 100 days. They also counted every single one of their donation items, and were able to learn how to count beyond 100!

Student Reflections

“We’re donating food to the Mustard Seed for the people who don’t have enough money to buy food. On the 100th Day it was my birthday.” – by Drew, Kindergarten

“We counted how many days we have been in Kindergarten.” – by Haley, Kindergarten

“The Mustard Seed is a food bank where they sell food for free because some people don’t have that much money so they give it away for freeSMUS-JS-100Day-Ns to help them so they don’t need to pay. I feel good because I was helping other people.” – by Zeus, Kindergarten

“Today we put cans in the buckets for the food bank, and I brought three bags of cans, I’m guessing. I think we came past 100 cans.” – by Helen, Kindergarten

“So on the hundredth day of school it’s special because we have something called the Mustard Seed, and what we do is we help a lot of people with not a lot of money by giving them food such as soup, sauces, and canned fruits, vegetables, pasta and beans. This helps them a lot so they can stay healthy with our food options/contributions. And the food donation doesn’t just help our less fortunate community members with nutrition, it helps them save money to afford other things.” – by Bryn, Grade 3

“We do the soup drive to give soup and other types of food to people that need it. Each class tries to bring in as many soup cans as they can and then we add them all together. We then load all of the soup cans into the truck. The Mustard Seed comes to school to collect all the cans that have been donated. The Mustard Seed is the place that takes all of the cans that we bring in and gives them to people who need it.” – by Maggie, Grade 3

“It’s a big week! We are collecting cans for the Mustard Seed. The Mustard Seed is a great organization that gathers food from the community and gives it to people that don’t know where their next meal is going to be. At SMUSm we are trying to get as much canned food as possible. I am trying to convince my parents to buy a case a day. If I bring twelve cans a day in the week I will have brought in sixty cans of soup! I am glad to help my community.” – by Sienna, Grade 3

“On the 100th day of school we talk about something called the soup drive. Then we start bringing in the cans to help the Mustard Seed. Then at the end of the day, we count all of the cans together and end up with a big number. We try to get as many cans as we can so that we can help the Mustard Seed. The Mustard Seed is a place that people give cans of food, and the people who work there give the people who do not have much food the cans.” – by Mia, Grade 3

“Near the 100th day of school kids bring in cans for the Mustard Seed. The Mustard Seed gives cans of food to people that maybe can’t afford to buy food. The 100th day of school is when kids have been in school for 100 days.” – by Jenna, Grade 3

(photos by Kyle Slavin)


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