Junior School Students Look Forward to a Musical Experience


After months of practicing dance routines, memorizing song lyrics and skits, and run-throughs of That’s Entertainment!, the Junior School is proud to present the Grade 5 musical Thursday and Friday this week.

The show features more than 20 individual performances that span 85 years of pop culture performances, from early Broadway show tunes, to skits from the 1967 classic You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, and memorable songs from popular Disney movies of the ’90s.

That’s Entertainment! is a terrific reflection of the young performers’ talents and interests, and goes to show everyone what can be accomplished in a wonderful fashion when you set your sights high and work hard to achieve your goals.

Student Reflections

Maybe you want to meet Ursula, the Sea Witch from The Little Mermaid, or see Snoopy live. The Grade 5s are producing a musical with the help of Madam Geehan and you can see them all! “This musical is called That’s SMUS-JS-Grade5Musical-MEntertainment!. It has four sections: Old Broadway, New Broadway, Disney, and Charlie Brown. I am very excited to be in this musical. The Grade 5s have been working on this musical since the start of second term. At the end of Grade 4, we filled in a sheet about the musical. It had questions like ‘Do you like to sing in groups or solo?’ and ‘What topics and songs do you like?’ Over summer break Mme. Geehan put together all of our ideas and started brainstorming our ideas for the musical. By the end of Term 1, she had decided who had what song. To me, being in a musical made me feel good, but sometimes performing in front of everyone I felt like I forgot my song. Now I am feeling enthusiastic because all of the pieces of the puzzle are coming together and it sounds magnificent.” – by Marina

SMUS-JS-Grade5Musical-J“We are putting on a musical called That’s Entertainment!.  Everyone from both Grade 5 classes has a major solo. My solo is “Grow for Me” from Little Shop of Horrors. Some of the other tunes are: “Make Them Laugh”, “Bonjour”, “Gaston”, “I Feel Pretty” and many others. My personal favorite is “Gaston”. We have been practicing for two months, but have been really practicing hard for the last three weeks. Everything is going well. We are all learning our lines and actions. Mme. Geehan, Mr. Keil and Mrs. Kingsbury are helping us practice. There is a costume committee and Mr. Hawes has a building committee. Our moms and dads are also helping with the costumes and sets. I hope to see you at the show.” – by John

SMUS-JS-Grade5Musical-N“The Grade 5s are doing a musical called That’s Entertainment!. I am really excited to be in the musical, even though it is hard work and sometimes we miss recess because we are practicing. The cool thing about having different skits from Broadway, Disney and Charlie Brown is that everyone has their moment to shine and they get to have lots of solos. My favourite part is doing all of the group numbers like “Revolting Children”, “Happiness”, and “Bonjour” because we all have to work together to make them great numbers.” – by Nevaeh

“As the Grade 5s get ready to present the musical, I am getting more and more excited. Having rehearsals after lunch almost every day of the week is so fun and productive. There are three group numbers and many others have solos. Olivia and I are performing “Loathing” from the musical Wicked. SMUS-JS-Grade5Musical-CThe three group numbers are “Bonjour” from Beauty and the Beast, “Revolting Children” from the musical Matilda, and “Happiness” from You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown. Mme. Geehan is directing and blocking the show, and Mrs. Kingsbury is helping with the choreographing. All the teachers have made this really fun and exciting, and have made sure everyone who wanted to get a solo or a song got one. I have had lots of fun and am excited for performing! This is a great experience!​” – by Cassidy

That’s Entertainment! runs Thursday and Friday (February 12 and 13) at the Junior School. Last week, the SMUS Review chatted with the director, Mrs. Stephanie Geehan, about organizing, writing and choreographing such an ambitious show.

See photos of the Grade 5 students rehearsing That’s Entertainment! at the SMUS Photo Gallery.

(photos by Gordon Chan and Kyle Slavin)


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