Navigating Your 21st Century Career


by Jake Humphries, University Counselling

Students graduating from high school today face a world of unparalleled opportunity that requires careful navigation and constant attention to skill-building. For the most part, gone are the days when one attained a professional qualification and then worked in that profession for 30 years. Today’s graduate needs to be flexible in the approach taken to post-secondary education, training and career building. Careers are now multi-faceted tracks through our busy and exciting world. Many human resource consultants believe that a high school graduate will now walk on half a dozen career paths in his or her working life.

In light of this reality, SMUS hosts its 6th annual Career Day on Wednesday, January 28. Launched in 2010 as a joint initiative of the SMUS Alumni Association and the school’s University Counselling Department, Career Day has grown from a selection of ten lunchtime sessions involving 15 presenters, to this year’s 20 ​sessions involving 35 presenters.

Presentations for SMUS students include the usual high-interest specialties of medicine, law and business. In addition, students have the opportunity to sign up and hear about a career in film-making, dietetics, property development, IT and big data, athletics, book publishing, clinical psychology, spiritual leadership, urban planning, engineering and more. Presenters will describe their post-secondary education and their career paths up to the present day. One interesting discovery for students every year is the remarkably circuitous paths taken by many of the presenters to arrive at the job they presently have. Students have an opportunity to ask questions in each presentation.

Career Day 2015 begins with a keynote address by Dr. Jacqueline Hudson ’97. Dr. Hudson is an anesthesiologist who has extensive experience leading wilderness expeditions. Following Dr. Hudson’s address, students will attend two sessions of their choice and will then have the opportunity to attend an after-school networking session for further conversation with presenters, peers and SMUS faculty.

With so many choices, Career Day at SMUS is an exciting opportunity to prepare for life after high school.

If you want to learn more about Career Day, you can read Alison McCallum’s reflection “Life Lessons From a Career in Media” about media personality Susie Wall‘s session last year.


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