Junior School Students Go Crazy for Science!


by Nina Duffus, Grade 2 teacher

It may not be the most common of career paths, but there are now 49 young sleuths at the Junior School itching to become secret agents when they grow up. They’re getting a taste of what it’s like to be a spy thanks to an after-school Mad Science program at SMUS.

The Grade 1 and 2 students are registered in Spy Academy, a six-week course that touches on the science of detective work, while also getting a chance to test out and build spy gadgets. The program teaches scientific concepts through the spy-themed activities and experiments, which has so far included chromatography, uncovering secret messages, using a metal detector, and practicing observation and deduction skills.

The young spies are loving the program – so don’t be surprised if they ask to be called 007 from now on.

Grade 2 Reflections

“I love Mad Science because the teachers explain everything really well, and they always try their hardest to make it fun for the kids.” by Chelsea L.

“I enjoy Mad Science because in the second session we got to go through a fake mine field and wear awesome night vision glasses and uncover secret messages.” by Owen S.

“Mad Science is awesome because we get little science stuff and science toys. We got spy glasses and real face matchers.” by Willow T.

“I enjoy Mad Science mostly because I really enjoy the undercover work we do when I am there.” by Everest M.

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(photos by Gordon Chan)


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